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The 7 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools in 2022

If you’re currently running an online business, you’ve likely heard of affiliate marketing. There’s considerable money to be made by promoting trusted products to an audience.

Although challenging at first, affiliate marketing can bring in significant revenue when done well. Marketers must grow an audience and find relevant products to promote, which can be a struggle. Finding the right affiliate marketing tools to improve the marketing process and maximize revenue is important. 

Picking the best affiliate marketing tools based on your unique needs could supercharge your earnings. Combine the right tools with quality products you truly believe in, and you can take your business to the next level.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Tools

There are different kinds of affiliate marketing tools for you to use depending on which direction you decide to go in. Affiliate marketing varies by niche, so we wanted to consider what everyone may want to think about.

Here are the different types of tools for affiliate marketing:

  • Affiliate marketing management/tracking software. You want tools that will manage your affiliates and allow you to track your links. You want to find a network that allows you to connect to advertisers while tracking links. You want to see who’s clicking on your links to know what kind of copywriting is working for you. You also want to ensure that the network is tracking conversions so that you’re able to get paid for your affiliate marketing efforts. 

  • Affiliate marketing communication. You’re going to want to figure out how to get the word out about the products you’re discussing with your potential audience. An affiliate marketing communication tool (like email software) will be essential for promoting the products that you’re an affiliate for. If you can’t directly reach your audience, you’ll have a tough time trying to make money. 

  • Affiliate marketing hosting platform. You’re going to want to host your affiliate marketing content somewhere. This could be on your own blog that you build from scratch, a blog that you purchase, one of your social media channels, or any other platform (like Amazon or Etsy). You want to host your content on a reputable platform to build trust and reach the right audience. 

  • Affiliate marketing promotional tools. How will you promote your offers? It’s important to decide on how you will spread the word about the offers you want to share. You may want to think about spending money on ads, using a variety of social media platforms to drive traffic, or thinking of creative ideas. If your content doesn’t get seen by enough people, it will be difficult to make any money with affiliate marketing. 

You want to mix in all of these affiliate marketing tools because you need the right system to ensure that you’re maximizing your returns. For example, you could use your credit card to spend money on ads. Then you can use communication software to collect emails to promote more products in the future. 

The 7 Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing

When you have the right affiliate marketing tools, you can speed up the process or simplify everything. Either way, the goal is to turn affiliate marketing into a business that brings in money.

There are also different affiliate marketing tools for every stage. When starting, you may want to consider buying a website instead of building one from scratch. Then as you progress, you will want to look for more products to be an affiliate for. 

Here are the best tools for affiliate marketing:

  1. Flippa. This is a marketplace for those looking to buy and sell websites. If you want to avoid the entire process of trying to build a website from scratch, you can buy a website that has authority and backlinks. Then you can use this website to create content around the affiliates that you plan on pushing. You just have to perform your due diligence so that you invest in a website that will be profitable in the near future. 

  2. Grammarly. We had to include an affiliate marketing tool for the writing side of the business. You want to ensure that your content is coherent and contains proper grammar. This writing tool will double-check everything for you so that you’re putting out words that make sense. As a marketer, you still have to deliver your message in the written word. 

  3. Bluehost. If you’re going to build a website, you may want to think about starting with Bluehost since they’ve made it easier than ever to build a page from scratch. Bluehost will allow you to host multiple websites to build something around the affiliates you’re promoting. You can create helpful content and offer your readers products as suggestions. 

  4. ShareASale. This affiliate network connects publishers with advertisers. You can go through the different offers and enroll in programs based on your niche. You can choose from so many offers. You can then decide what kind of content you want to create based on the offers and programs you get approved for. 

  5. MailChimp. You will want to find a way to communicate with your audience as you become more well-known in your space. An email marketing tool will allow you to send offers out to your audience so that they see what you’re promoting. They say that email is still one of the best ways to reach someone since they had to enroll in your mailing list to hear from you. 

  6. Post Affiliate Pro. This tool will allow you to manage multiple affiliate programs. You can also track affiliate partner performance to see how your links perform. 

  7. Ahrefs. This keyword tool will help you out with your on-page SEO and backlinking. As you grow your website, you will want to get backlinks and ensure that you’re doing everything right on the technical end so that your website gets ranked well by Google. Ahrefs helps you track your website’s performance, so you know what changes are needed to grow.

Those are the best tools for affiliate marketing because you want to ensure that you’re staying on top of everything. You want to be an authority to build trust with your audience, so they believe in what you’re promoting. It’s important to remind you that every affiliate marketing tool we shared has alternative options for you to consider.

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Tools for You

The right affiliate marketing tools will depend on what works best in your niche. You’re going to want to consider all options. 

How do you choose the right affiliate marketing tools? 

  1. Consider the niche that you’re in. Every niche has different kinds of content and offers that do well. It’s on you to look into what works best in your niche.  

  2. Take your budget into account. When you’re starting out, you may not have as much money to spend, so you may have to build a website from scratch and use free tools. 

  3. Experiment with different affiliate marketing tools. You should aim to test out different tools to see what works best for you as a marketer. You can’t be everywhere all the time, so you have to choose wisely, so you don’t spread yourself too thin.

That’s how you can choose the right affiliate marketing tools for your business. You must remember that every niche is different in the affiliate marketing space. What works for one person won’t work for everyone. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools Can Amplify Your Earnings

With the right affiliate marketing tools on your side, you can make more money while helping more people. The products you share with your audience should improve your audience’s lives while allowing you to earn a commission. 

The right tools should help you reach more people, so your message gets in front of the right eyes. You don’t want to be creating content that isn’t seen by anyone.

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