Free Ads Credit: Earn Cash Back On Ad Spend

Facebook Ad Credit: Earn Cash Back On Ad Spend

You might be spending tens of thousands of dollars (or more) each week on social media advertising platforms, and you might be seeing great results from your ad campaigns.

But who doesn’t love free?

If you’re not aware of it, business owners and advertisers may be eligible for free credits for their 

Facebook ad account.

Take heed, though: while free is fabulous, these Facebook ad credits may not truly be serving you in the way they should.

What Are Facebook Ad Credits?

Though it may not be completely altruistic, occasionally Facebook offers Facebook advertising credits (now called Meta ad credits). This is a free credit you can redeem through your Facebook Ads Manager.

You can use the credit on any campaign you have going on or a new one for your Facebook business page.

From Facebook’s perspective, giving away free Facebook ad credit is a fantastic marketing tool to lure in new advertisers and reward ongoing ones. It might also sway some advertisers away from competitors like Bing ads or Google ads.

How Facebook Ad Credits Work

First, let’s talk about where you can find Facebook advertising coupons. Facebook itself sometimes offers them as a promotion, particularly when new small businesses sign up for an ad account. They may also occasionally award Facebook ads coupon codes to existing customers.

Additionally, Facebook has partners (Shutterstock, WooCommerce, and Shopify, as examples), who may dangle Facebook ads promo codes as incentives to sign up for marketing or e-commerce services. You can also search online for sites with ad credit codes (though who’s got the time to do that?).

If you’re lucky enough to get a free Facebook ad coupon directly from Facebook, it will automatically be added to your Business Manager account. You can choose which campaign you use it for. If you get one from a partner, you’ll go into your payment settings and select Add Payment, then Add Credit. Enter the ad credit code, and it will be added to your account. Once the credit is used up, your primary credit card payment method will be used to cover ad expenses for your Facebook page.

Where Facebook Ad Credits Fall Short

While I’m not complaining about anything free, these ad vouchers primarily benefit new Facebook advertisers with small ad budgets. They’re great for testing the waters to reach your target audience on social media with a new ad, but for advertisers who have astronomical advertising costs (like you, I’m guessing), they’re a mere drop in the bucket.

And hunting free Facebook ad credits isn’t likely something you’re willing to do, given how much you have on your plate. So you’re in the trenches, managing your high-budget ad campaign, while everyone else seems to be getting free ad spend on Facebook.

What gives?

We see industries that leverage loyalty programs. Go to your favorite coffee shop, and the 10th coffee is free. Spend a certain amount at your preferred online clothing store, and get a discount on your order.

So where is the reward to those advertisers who aren’t opening new accounts, but rather who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars—if not millions—on ads on Facebook each year?

Facebook seems to take these loyal customers for granted, and that’s a darn shame.

Earn Cash Back on Facebook Ad Spend

I may not be able to fix what is a bit of a broken system with Facebook ads, but I can tell you how to earn cash back on your Facebook ad spend., as you may know, lets you manage your large ad budget without worrying about campaigns being interrupted because you’ve hit your credit card limit. You can control your ad spend and stabilize ad spend at scale.

But wait! There’s more!

You can actually get cash back on what you’re spending on Facebook ads. That’s right: offers up to 3% back on your first two months of ad spend. Given the size of your ad budget, I’m pretty sure that’s more than any Facebook ad credit you could get.

You can get cash back in other ways, too. If you enroll in instant payout processing to free up cash when scaling ads, you can get cash back. Additionally, if you hire a media buyer from its extensive partner network and issue a card directly to your agency within, you can—you guessed it—get cash back.

Most credit card companies offer 1-2% cash back, until you reach their cap, so this has them beat.

So what can you do with that cash back?

Reinvest it in your campaigns.

Give it to your team.

Hire an ad agency.

Throw a big party.

It doesn’t matter, because the money is yours. You earned it. Now that feels like a loyalty program, doesn’t it? for High Facebooks Ads Spend

Too many advertisers are getting cut short when it comes to running social media ads. Their credit card companies flag activity when they spend big, which, in turn, causes the ad network to shut down campaigns. Or they’re paying down their balance daily so they can continue to make ad purchases.

There’s a lot of running back and forth to Accounting to get this problem remedied, but there’s no need. provides 10-20x higher limits than most credit cards, which means the sky is the limit when it comes to ad spend. We offer unlimited virtual cards so you can have one for every campaign if you want, each with a unique name, address, and zip code for each ad account, channel, and expense. This ensures your cards are always approved, since card and account contact details match up.

Need a higher limit? can approve you in minutes, not days, so your successful ad campaigns can keep chugging right along.

If you’re advertising online, you likely use Facebook. And while you can’t count on those Facebook ad credits to be of much use in the big picture, you still can get rewarded for your ad spend with

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