The Best Credit Card for Google Ads Spend

The Best Business Credit Card for Advertising

If you work in advertising or run a large number of online ads for your business, you may be wondering about the best business credit card for advertising. With the ideal card in place, your business can maximize rewards, minimize costs, and avoid costly and embarrassing problems caused by some traditional credit card providers. Here’s a closer look at the most important criteria to consider when looking for the best credit card for advertising.

The Credit Card for Advertising

The team at worked to create the first charge card designed for online advertising. The card offers up to 3% cash back on purchases at major online advertising companies, including social media sites like Facebook and search engine advertising at Google. Here’s a look at the highlights of what you get with the card:

  • High daily spend limit: Some advertisers hit their card’s monthly limit in a single day during peak advertising season. The card offers 10x to 20x the limit of most other cards, enabling you to manage large campaigns easily.

  • 3% cash back on advertising: Earn up to 3% cash back on advertising spend. Rather than take a measly 1% back when advertising is part of the “everything else” rewards category, this card turns your advertising into a predictable revenue stream, giving back to your bottom line. There are no bonus categories or category limits to worry about.

  • No credit checks or personal guarantees: As a charge card, you take an active role in setting your credit limits, and no personal or business credit checks are required. Owners and managers are not required to sign with a personal guarantee. That makes the card ideal for startups, advertising agencies, and privately held companies.

  • Unique security features: Rather than dealing with the hassle of employee cards, is built for you to create a unique virtual card for each project. Unlimited virtual cards allow you to generate a new card number for every ad account, channel, client, or expense with finite spend controls and global card acceptance.

Built just for businesses, the card integrates with most popular accounting and financial software suites. It comes with a unique instant payout product to help you tap into the cash from sales days to weeks earlier than major shopping and payment platforms.

Learn more and apply for here.

How to Earn Cash Back on Advertising Purchases

Every cash back rewards card should give you automatic cash back on every purchase. That’s exactly how the card works, but you earn up to 3% cash back. That’s two to three times what you get back for advertising purchases from the typical business cash back card.

All new customers start with the top 3% cash back rate. Rewards accrue over time and are paid out annually by default. You can redeem rewards early for statement credits or gift cards. Your rewards percentage is determined by your spending and how you use services.

You can use anywhere MasterCard is accepted, but you get the best rates and rewards when using the card for online advertising purchases.

Rather than earn a limited number of Chase Ultimate Rewards with the Ink Business Preferred card or get 1x American Express Membership Rewards points with the American Express Business Gold card, you can earn 3% cash back, which is effectively profit for your business. There are no bonus points or other complicated “terms apply” conditions that limit the value of your rewards with cash back.

Keep Ad Campaigns Running with Customized Automatic Payments

At, we’ve heard a complaint about typical business rewards cards again and again. During peak seasons, such as around the holidays, a single day or two of advertising puts them over their limit and gets their account shut down, costing valuable sales that can’t be recovered.

Customized automatic payments from allow you and your finance team control over your payment schedule with highly-flexible options. Whether it’s a slow day or your busiest of the year, you never have to worry about going over your limits and having your account shut down when you take advantage of’s payment and credit limit features. 

High Credit Limit to Scale Advertising Spend

Unlike traditional credit cards, is a charge card. Your credit limit doesn’t assume that you’ll pay off the bill once per month. Instead, it uses your cash flow and more frequent payments to give you a much higher daily spending limit.

According to data from Statista, holiday digital ad spend is $45.6 billion nationwide, which is just a sliver of the $777 billion in holiday retail sales. Businesses of all types and sizes may advertise heavily during the holidays or other critical dates unique to your business. With a daily spend limit that’s 10x to 20x higher than the typical card, you have precision control over your cash flow.

The unique reporting dashboard helps you understand where you’re spending most, what’s available to spend, and instant syncing with your preferred cost management and accounting suite.

The Bottom Line: Why is the Best Credit Card for Advertising

When you use, you earn from one of the best credit card offers available today, and it comes with no annual fee. Whether you’re a small business or an advertising or finance team member at a large corporation, should be on your radar when it comes to credit card rewards for advertising spend.

The account opening process is quick and easy, and there’s no limit to the cash back you can earn. Imagine thousands of dollars in rewards every calendar year for spending you already make. 

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