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Crypto, Visibility, and Video Support highlight dash.fi September release

The September release makes it possible for advertisers to amplify their rewards with Crypto and better manage their transactions with enhanced search, new card management tools, and industry-leading support tools.

The best cashback rewards program in the industry. Period.

Up to 3% cash back on card spend is impressive, but getting those rewards in Bitcoin is even better. Now you can take advantage of the upside potential of crypto currency in your cashback rewards.

Simply choose Crypto Rewards in the dash.fi app and we’ll deposit your Bitcoin rewards in a digital wallet on your reward cycle—it’s that easy.

Looking for information about a specific transaction? Piece of cake.

Now you can quickly query any specific transaction with the dash.fi API. All you need is the transaction ID. Don’t waste time going through all your card transactions to find the one you’re looking for.

This asked-for feature makes it easy to quickly find exactly what you need.

Like visibility into your rewards cycle? You got it.

Customer reward cycles vary depending on the contract. Some are quarterly and a few could be monthly. The dash.fi app gives you visibility into your rewards and a heads-up on when they will be deposited into your account next based upon your start date.

The tools you need to control card spend

Scaling your business usually means you need to scale your spend, but there are times when it can get out of hand. You can now set lifetime limits on individual cards to help you manage spend. 

Querying transactions has never been easier

With the last four digits of any dash.fi card number you can now query the transactions made with each unique card. Spend management and added security means using the dash.fi card for add spend is the best card for digital advertising.

Customer service video support

If you have questions about your card(s), the dash.fi system, or simply need customer support, our customer service experts are available via video to answer all your questions. Simply leave a message to be called back and get a prompt video call to address your needs.

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