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Divvy Business Credit Card Review

The Divvy business card is a Visa charge card that offers many advantages for the right businesses. Companies that pay off their bills weekly will experience the maximum rewards this card offers, earning rewards points at a very generous rate on specific purchases. 

The Divvy business card would likely best serve small-to-medium-sized organizations that don’t see much international travel, as its foreign transaction fees can be higher than what other cards charge. Businesses that prefer to pay their bills bi-monthly or monthly may not find as much value in this card’s rewards program, while those who use their card mainly for international trips might find this Divvy’s fees too significant. However, many companies can still find a lot of value in this business card’s offerings. 

Divvy Business Credit Card Overview

Because Divvy offers a charge card rather than a standard credit card, users must pay off their statement balance in full each pay period. Charge cards typically don’t come with preset spending limits, although Divvy has credit limits. While Divvy doesn’t require a minimum credit score to apply, it will look at the applicant's business and personal credit history.  


The unique nature of Divvy’s corporate credit card incentivizes more frequent payments, offering a flexible rewards program whose benefits maximize by paying off the statement weekly. For most cards, billing statements are due each month—with Divvy, organizations that make monthly payments will earn up to 2x bonus points on both restaurant and hotel purchases, 1.5x points on recurring software subscriptions, and 1x points on all other business expenses. However, Divvy customers can unlock higher rewards rates for different charges when they make more frequent payments. For example, business owners that pay their bills weekly will earn 2x points on software purchases, 5x for hotel reservations, 7x at restaurants, and 1.5x on everything else. 

Your payment frequency with Divvy can significantly affect how much value you will get from the card’s rewards program. The points you earn with Divvy are most effectively used towards travel purchases, with each point redeemed for the value of a cent towards your purchase. Other redemptions, like statement credit, cash back, and gift cards, will only gain around half a cent for each point redeemed. 


Those unable to take advantage of Divvy’s maximum point earning potential could find extra value in the card’s other promotions. The Divvy business credit card offers additional perks beyond earning and redeeming points, partnering with well-known organizations to provide special promotions for card holders.

For example, Divvy partners with Amazon, offering cardholders $25,000 in credit over two years. Purchasing Google Ads with your Divvy card will earn you $150 off your purchase. Divvy customers can also enjoy $50 off a new phone from Verizon or a new Costco membership for $50 off. These special offers and more are available with Divvy’s business credit card.  


Unlike many business cards, the Divvy credit card doesn’t charge an annual fee. However, Divvy is known to have differing international fees depending on the country the cardholder resides. U.S.-based holders will incur a cross-border fee of 0.90%, while Canada-based holders only experience a 0.20% cross-border fee. Users from any country will incur a 0.20% fee for currency conversions. Late payment fees for this card will be either 2.99% or a fixed $38 fee, whichever is higher. 


Divvy is particularly useful for accounting purposes, offering automatic expense reporting features. These features let you manage your business’ spending by setting budgets for your company’s different teams and spending limits on individual cards within your organization. Divvy’s intuitive mobile app lets you control every card in real-time, even away from the office. 

The Divvy business credit card can give qualified users more flexibility with their payment options, allowing customers to pay off their purchases at a later date through Divvy’s Flex Limit feature. With Flex Limit, you can pay off your purchases over one to three months with a fee of 0.9% to 1.9%.

Divvy also offers Credit Builder, a program meant to help small businesses with little credit history build their way to qualifying for unsecured credit. Companies within the program receive a secure line of credit, meaning they must pre-fund their cards before spending on the credit line. With Divvy, cardholders can build business credit while still earning rewards and utilizing Divvy’s helpful expense management software.

Pros and Cons of the Divvy Business Credit Card


  • No annual fee

  • No minimum credit score to apply

  • Prominent budget management platform 

  • Up to 7x rewards on select purchases

  • Special offers from partner organizations, including Amazon, Google Ads, and Verizon Wireless


  • Relatively high foreign transaction fees

  • Relatively high late payment fees

  • Non-travel rewards give you around half a cent per point redeemed

Alternatives to the Divvy Business Credit Card

There are a few good options for businesses looking for alternatives to the Divvy credit card.


The dash.fi corporate card pays 3% cash back for the first two months with no limits on what you can earn on eligible purchases with online advertising platforms. dash.fi also offers unlimited virtual cards, allowing you to instantly create a new employee card with a unique name, address, and zip code for all your accounts and expenses. There are even discounts on advertising through dash.fi’s agency partners, which might include more desirable platforms for advertising than what Divvy offers. With dash.fi, you can find a flexible experience tailored to suit your business's unique needs. 

Chase Ink Business Preferred

The Chase Ink Business Preferred card offers a low annual fee and a very generous rewards rate that rivals Divvy. This card gives holders three rewards points for every dollar spent on qualifying travel and business categories each year, up to $150,000. The Chase Ink Business Preferred card has no foreign transaction fees—plus, cardmembers can redeem one point for one mile in travel rewards, making it a desirable credit card for small businesses that often travel internationally.

Capital One Spark Business 1.5% Cash Select

The Spark 1.5% Cash Select card doesn’t charge an annual fee and lets cardholders earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase without category restrictions or limits. Users can earn unlimited 5% cash back on hotel and rental car bookings through Capital One Travel. Plus, Capital One offers a $500 sign-up bonus upon spending $4,500 within the first three months. Small business owners can experience numerous benefits with this cost-effective card.

Is the Divvy Business Credit Card Worth It?

The Divvy business credit card offers many desirable benefits--including significant rewards, budgeting tools, and flexible spending limits--for any company willing to pay its bill weekly. If your business cannot pay its bill weekly or requires a lot of international travel, one of the alternatives listed above might better serve you. If neither of these barriers to a Divvy corporate card’s potential will affect you, then this card might be the preferable choice.

Are you looking for a card tailored for ad spending with a flexible rewards program? dash.fi might be just what you’re looking for.

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