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AdsMain Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways for brands to advertise online. It’s also one of the best strategies for content creators and publishers looking to monetize their content.

AdsMain is a major affiliate network based in New York City that helps match brands and publishers. If you want to monetize your website or content, AdsMain is worth considering.

What is AdsMain?

AdsMain is an affiliate network that claims to have "the internet's top performing advertising offers" and the "highest payouts" available. It helps publishers find affiliate offers to promote, allowing them to earn money from the content they create.

How Does AdsMain Work?

As an affiliate marketing network, AdsMain works much like other affiliate networks.

Brands approach AdMain with affiliate offers they’d like to use to advertise their products. Content creators and publishers can register with AdMains to browse the available affiliate offers. Once a publisher finds an offer that fits their audience, they can sign up for the offer and start promoting it.

Publishers receive a commission for each person they refer to the advertiser's website that ultimately takes the desired action, such as purchasing a product. AdMains supports multiple commission types, including cost-per-action (CPA), cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-sale (CPS), cost-per-lead (CPL), and cost-per-mille (CPM).

AdsMain partners with many large brands, including Netflix, Disney, Facebook, Amazon, and eBay, meaning affiliates can find many offers from reputable companies.

How Is AdsMain Different From Other Affiliate Networks?

AdsMain sets itself apart from the competition in a few key ways.

One unique aspect of the platform is its global reach. The company partners with brands and affiliates in geos across the globe, meaning you can work with AdMains regardless of where you and your audience are based.

AdsMain also offers an exciting referral program that rewards you when you get other publishers and content creators to join the platform. You can earn a 5% bonus on all commissions your referred affiliates make for life. If you like AdsMain’s service and get your friends signed up, it can be quite lucrative.

The service even offers powerful tracking tools, including the HasOffers Platform. This makes it easy to track your advertising performance and conversions in real-time and see which affiliate offers and content you’ve created are producing the best results.

What Are the Sign-Up Requirements for AdsMain?

AdsMain does not publish a specific list of requirements to sign up for the platform. Instead, it notes that it is “very selective about the types of affiliates [it] accepts in order to meet high standards of service.”

Though there are no explicitly-stated requirements to be eligible to work with AdsMain, the company does offer some information about what disqualifies content creators and publishers. It states, “Almost any site can be accepted into our network as long as they adhere to our terms and conditions. We do NOT permit adult or any other sites that are derogatory or vulgar in nature.”

What Affiliate Programs Are Available With AdsMain?

One of the most important things to consider when looking for an affiliate network is the type of affiliate programs available. You want to ensure the offers you choose match your audience's interest.

AdsMain offers affiliate programs across a range of verticals, including:

  • Automotive

  • Consumer goods

  • Dating

  • Ecommerce

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Finance

  • Gaming

  • Health

  • Sports

  • Mobile apps

Because of the variety of product types, almost any publisher will find offers that fit their audience.

What are AdsMain's Payment Methods?

AdsMain offers five main payment methods for affiliates. These include:

  • Check

  • PayPal

  • Bank wire

  • ACH transfer

  • Webmoney

Payment terms will depend on a few factors, including the offers you use and how much income you earn. Typical payout terms are 15 or 30 days after the end of each month, though the biggest affiliates may receive biweekly payments.

There is a $50 minimum balance requirement to receive a payment. If your balance is below $50, it will roll over to the next month.

How Do I Sign Up for AdsMain?

Signing up as an AdsMain affiliate is relatively easy, but you should keep in mind that you aren’t guaranteed approval.

To start, you must visit AdsMain.com and click the affiliate link to create an account. You'll then see a form that asks for your email address, name, location, phone number, and details about your website.

Be ready to provide info about the type of offers you’re looking for, how you plan to promote those offers, and any other affiliate programs you work with.

Once you submit that info, AdsMain will review it and get back to you within two days. If AdsMain wants to move forward with working with you, you’ll schedule a call with an affiliate manager.

If you receive final approval, you’ll gain full site access.

Advertisers wanting to partner with AdsMain are encouraged to contact an advertising manager. You can find email addresses and phone numbers on the website’s contact page. 

Final Word

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for content creators and publishers to earn money online. If you're looking for a way to monetize your website or advertise organically, working with AdsMain could be an option for you.

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