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Algo Affiliates Network Review

Affiliate marketers, publishers and digital marketers looking for opportunities to monetize their traffic may come across Algo Affiliates. Here’s what you need to know about this affiliate marketing network. 

What is Algo Affiliates?

Algo-Affiliates bills itself as a leading performance marketing affiliate network that uses cutting-edge technology and outstanding marketing tools to help affiliates and advertisers make money. 

As an affiliate marketing platform, it allows advertisers to create and manage their own affiliate programs. The platform provides users with tools to create and manage their own affiliate programs, track performance, and analyze data. Users can also use the platform to recruit and manage affiliates, create promotional materials, and manage payments. 

Algo Affiliates also provides users with access to a network of affiliates, allowing them to quickly and easily find new partners to promote their products and services.

For publishers and creators, it promises high-quality offers and lucrative commissions, along with on-time payments for those who are successful in driving customers to the products or services they promote. 

As of January 2023, it reports that it has 1500+ multilingual offers and over 50,0000 partners. Its website lists fourteen languages to choose from. 

How Does Algo Affiliates Work?

You will sign up for Algo- Affiliates on its website. Once approved, you can use their tools to find affiliate offers. 

You’ll also find a lot of educational information on the Algo-Affiliates blog explaining how affiliate marketing works, and how to be successful. Content is thorough and realistic. For example, in a blog article about affiliate marketing for beginners, it warns: 

“As you begin to learn more and more about affiliate marketing, you will realize that affiliate marketing is not as simple as some sites will claim it to be. For starters, there’s a considerable amount to learn and to become really successful as an affiliate takes time, effort, and commitment.”  

Offer and Commission Types from Algo Affiliates

Algo-Affiliates offers popular affiliate marketing monetization options such as CPL (cost per lead) and CPA (cost per acquisition). 

Offers cover popular affiliate marketing categories such as health and beauty, diet and weight-loss, nutra (nutritional supplements or nutraceuticals), home improvement, finance and business, crypto and Forex, technology and other categories. 

Why Partner with Algo-Affiliates?

In its website it claims that it offers “AI-powered Smartlinks that dynamically present the optimal offer to your traffic” and some of the “highest-paying deals in the industry” and “top conversion rates.” 

However it is difficult to validate those claims (and many affiliate networks say they are the best), so you may just need to try it yourself if it offers competitive programs for your preferred niches, and how those payouts compare to other affiliate programs you may be already using. Testing is always a good idea in digital marketing, and this is another case where you’ll need to try and test to see what works for you. 

How to Join Algo Affiliates

I applied for the Algo Affiliates program to understand the process of signing up. Here’s how it works. 

First, you’ll first provide some basic information about your business: company name, address, region, city and zip.

Next, you’ll be asked to provide user details. You’ll enter your name and title and then create a password. 

The following page will ask for more user information, including your email address, Skype and Telegram ID, mobile number, verticals you promote, the countries you generate traffic from, URL to your marketing content, traffic sources, monthly traffic revenue, and what networks you currently work with. You’ll also be asked to share URLs to your site marketing content. 

While all of these questions have an asterisk indicating they are mandatory, it may be possible to skip irrelevant details (like Telegram number) by entering N/A. It’s unclear whether that will disqualify the application. 

One potential drawback in the Algo Affiliate application process is that there does not appear to be explanatory information for questions that may be confusing or unclear. 

You will also be asked if you “motivate your traffic to register or to deposit” (a somewhat unclear question), and then you’ll be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. If you make it past that point, you’ll get a screen thanking you for registering and sharing ways to accelerate the review of your application. 

Once signed up, I was instructed to contact an affiliate manager via Skype for a short interview. 

In other words, approval is not automatic. However, you will have a contact at Algo-Affiliates and that may prove helpful if you have further questions about your application or resources available. 

Once you are approved you will have the ability to find affiliate offers for your ecommerce needs. You’ll use their tracking software to monitor your campaigns. 

But to make money you’ll need to create content, ad creatives, videos, social media posts, persuasive emails or other ways to drive quality traffic to these offers. If your customers click or buy from your referral links (depending on the type of payout), you’ll make money. 

Payment options include wire, Paypal, bank transfer, and bitcoin. 

Is Algo Affiliates Legit?

Algo-Affiliates website says it is founded by “likeminded marketing and finance professionals who realized they could do it bigger and better than what was out there.” However, there are no names of founders or senior leadership profiles listed on its website. It does not appear to have a presence on LinkedIn. 

There is an Algo-Affiliates Youtube channel started in March 2022 and it has several dozen educational videos that are informative and present affiliate marketing in a realistic way. 

The Algo-Affiliates.com domain name was registered on January 1, 2017 so it appears to have been around for about five years. 

This affiliate network could likely benefit from some more transparency about the team and company behind it. Still it reportedly serves over 1500 offers in multiple languages, which means it may have offers that fit your affiliate marketing goals. 

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