How to Grow Your Online Advertising Spend

You already know that the more you spend on digital advertising, the better the results you will get, especially if you make efforts to optimize your social, search, and mobile advertising campaigns.

That being said, how can you increase your digital ad spend if you’ve already maxed out your media advertising budget?

The Key to Success in Online Advertising Spend

Your boss certainly isn’t going to hand you the company credit card and tell you to go crazy with your internet advertising. She’s going to want to see that you’ve spent time and energy working to optimize your ads, finding the best ad formats to reach your audience.

That means you’re going to have to do some experimenting with different ad platforms to find the best channels. Start by testing out different types of ads, including digital video advertising, search ads on different search engines, display ads on social media, and ads that target mobile devices. Depending on your audience, you may find one or two channels deliver better results than the others.

You’ll also want to test out different social media channels. Find out which of the following your audience spends time on:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

  • Snapchat

  • LinkedIn

Keep in mind that a large percentage of social media users access their accounts through apps on their smartphones. You may find the best way to engage with these users is through online video ads or other mobile-friendly options.

To reach people who are searching for solutions like yours, try Bing or Google ads, which offer text ads as well as display advertising.

Making the Case for a Larger Ad Budget

Once you’ve made some headway at getting attention for your e-commerce brand in the advertising markets you’ve tried out, run some small tests to see what an increase in your total ad spending could do to improve conversions and sales.

Armed with the results of that test (as well as any other data points you can use to make your case), go to your boss to show what an increase in your online advertising spend could do to help your company corner more market share.

If an increase of 20% to your ad budget could result in a 45% increase in sales, it should be a no-brainer for her to approve the budget increase!

How Credit Card Limits Can Affect Your Online Ad Spend

One thing to consider if you’re increasing your budget significantly is that you might have issues with the company credit card you use to pay for your internet ads.

Some advertisers experience frustration when their credit card companies freeze their accounts once they start spending big bucks for the first time. The credit card companies may see this as potential fraud, not being aware that you’re using that card to spend big on media ads. You’ll then have to call the credit card company to explain your use and ask them to unfreeze the account.

Meanwhile, the search engines or social media sites you’re advertising on will also freeze your accounts. This can be a nightmare to get straightened out, and it’s not easy to test out your ad campaigns if they’re getting frozen left and right. 

Having a bigger advertising budget won’t matter if you can’t easily spend it with the card you’re using!

The Right Way To Spend on Online Advertising

Fortunately, there is a workaround to this issue that plagues so many online advertisers. understands digital marketing and advertising, and knows that if you’re spending a lot on ads, it’s a good thing, not something to throw up a red flag for.

With, you’ll get a 10 to 20 times higher credit limit than you get with other business cards. You can get unlimited virtual cards so everyone on your digital media and advertising team has one to manage their own ad campaigns and budgets. And your boss will love the easy-to-use dashboard where she can view all the transactions across cards, as well as set spending limits for each.

Earn Cash Back on Online Advertising Spend

Also, offers generous cash back for several scenarios. First, you get cash back on your digital advertising spending. Every time you use your card to pay for ads, you get cash back.

Also, if you opt to work with one of the emarketers or ad agency partners that works with and you use your card to pay, you get cash back. And finally, offers cash back when you sign up for instant payout processing with its partner.

Right now, you can get up to 3% cash back for up to 60 days, and then 1-1.5% after that. What could you do with the extra money? Add it to your ad budget, of course!

Avoid Campaign Shut Offs Due to Credit Limits

Over the next year and coming years, you know you will increase your digital advertising spending. You don’t need anything that will impede your ability to run ads and grow your budget. It makes no sense that traditional credit cards would hinder you from advertising, but it happens. 

While you’re working on your advertising and marketing strategies, be sure to include as part of the equation.

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