How to Improve Facebook Ads Performance

If you’ve invested in social media advertising but aren’t seeing the results you want, particularly on Facebook, it’s time to consider how you can improve your Facebook ads performance. Keep in mind, not every business will see the same results, but there are a few key practices and strategies that can move the needle.

Improving Your Facebook Ads Performance

Let’s start by addressing the issue with your Facebook ads performance. What results aren’t you getting? Starting there will help you determine the best path forward to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

I’m Not Reaching My Intended Demographics

You chose your target audience when you first launched your ad, but for whatever reason, your ads aren’t hitting home for that audience. Your first place to look is the core audience you’ve created for your ads. Is it granular enough? The more specific you can get on location, age, gender, education, interests, and behavior, the more you whittle down your list to the people most likely to be interested in your ads.

That being said, you don’t want to shrink your audience size too much, or you’ll limit who sees your ad set. Facebook recommends aiming for an audience of two to 10 million people.

Consider also working with custom audiences. Facebook allows you to reach people who have already interacted with your business, whether that’s from your email list, app users, or site visitors. You can also set up lookalike audiences, which target different audiences on Facebook that have similar interests to your customers.

I’m Not Getting the Conversion Rate I Want

You established your campaign objectives for your ad campaign, whether that was a boost in sales or just brand awareness, and you might be seeing a decent click-through rate (CTR), but still not a great conversion rate. Getting people to click your ad is one thing. Getting them to do something like buy or sign up for your emails is another.

Start by making sure your ad leads to an appropriate landing page. If your ad is for a specific product, the link should go to the product page. If it’s for a particular offer, that offer should appear on the page.

Also, consider a/b testing different ad versions. By tweaking one component of your Facebook ad, like ad copy, call to action (CTAs), or image, you can see which brings better conversion. Dive into the metrics on both to choose the winner.

People Aren’t Clicking

The visuals you use for an ad are the first thing that will stop people scrolling through their Facebook news feed to learn more. That’s why you shouldn’t skimp on ad creative and design. If you’re not a designer, hire one so you can ensure your ads are visually engaging.

Also experiment with different Facebook ad types like ads in Messenger, Carousel, boosting a post on your Facebook page, and mobile ads. Look at remarketing or retargeting to reach people who have already been exposed to your brand.

How Your Budget Affects Facebook Ads Performance

Another way to improve Facebook ads performance is to consider the budget you have for your ad account.  You may not be spending enough to accomplish your ad objective. It’s worth testing a larger budget to see if you are successful at reaching a larger audience and getting more ad placements.

Increase your ad spend to a higher cost per click (CPC) in Facebook ads manager and then carefully monitor what happens. Does your ad targeting reach expand? Are you seeing more clicks and conversions? What happens if you increase your budget by another 10%? Do you see an even greater increase in sales or actions?

The Best Way to Improve Your Facebook Ads Performance

Taking your ad spend to the next level requires the right payment method. Where traditional credit cards are great for regular business purchases, they aren’t ideal for Facebook advertising and digital marketing, especially if you spend a high amount of money on ads each week to reach the right audience.

Our product,, is a virtual card designed for advertisers with high ad spend. You can get unlimited cards and won’t have your account frozen if you spend a lot on Facebook.

Earn Cash Back on Your High Performing Facebook Ads

Take a moment to calculate what you spend in a month on Facebook marketing for lead generation. Now imagine you could get some of that money back. What would you do with the windfall? offers clients generous cash back on all ad spend, as well as on purchases made with our network of media buyers, ad agencies, and payment processing companies. Use your card for any of these, and you’ll get up to 3% cash back your first 60 days, and 1-1.5% after that. Find a traditional business credit card that offers that!

Keep Facebook Ads Running with Automatic Payments

For ecommerce companies, keeping that payment method open and active is critical. You can use to automatically pay your Facebook ad balance and never have to worry about your account being paused because you haven’t paid your bill.

High Credit Limit to Support Large Budgets

Reaching potential customers with the right ad costs money. Often a LOT of money. Traditional credit cards sometimes freak out when they see a charge of, let’s say, $50,000, and may freeze your account until you call to straighten out the issue. When that happens, Facebook will pause all your ad campaigns and you’re left empty-handed.

You have to waste a lot of time calling your bank and then connecting with Facebook to get the issue resolved. What happens the next time you charge $50,000 for ads? Yep. You guessed it. The process repeats again and again.

With, we get advertisers and their high credit limits. We let you create a billing cycle that works for you, and we make sure you can buy the ads you need to grow your business. Can you say the same for your credit card company?

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