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Case Study: Matt Mcallister, Flavored PB Co

Flavored PB Co makes a gourmet peanut butter powder with natural flavorings like salted caramel, chocolate almond bar, and cookies & cream to name just a few. This all natural, low-fat alternative to full-fat peanut butter contains 90% less fat than traditional peanut butter. To learn more visit flavoredpbco.com.

Matt Mcallister, CEO of Flavored PB Co, put his Capital One Spark Card back into his wallet and started using dash.fi’s Ad Card to pay for online advertising about a year ago. His agency suggested dash.fi when, despite making daily credit card payments, he inadvertently exceeded his spending limit one day and they declined his card.

What Is Cash Back Worth If Your Card Fails?

Many banks and credit card providers don’t understand advertisers or the detrimental effects of declining a card in the middle of a successful campaign. A growing online business needs more flexibility when it’s trying to scale its advertising spend to grow its business. Platforms like Google and Facebook often demote, re-price, ban, and may even freeze merchant ad accounts that experience multiple card declines. 

Capital One dropped the ball. Fortunately, Mcallister’s agency caught it a few hours later.

“Luckily it wasn’t the weekend,” says Mcallister. “It did take two or three days to get our ads up and running again—which probably cost us about $4,500. A pretty significant chunk of our monthly ad budget. Basically, I had the wrong card. The cash back they were offering just didn’t matter because what I lost in those few days ate up about half of it.”

The card failure was one of the reasons the agency recommended dash.fi. “I didn’t understand how closely I needed to be watching for this at the time,” added Mcallister. “I don’t know if I would have caught it as quickly as the agency did and it could have cost me a lot more.”

Just Make Your Business Run

There are a lot of moving parts when you’re building and growing a strong e-commerce brand. “A credit card that limits your ability to scale is a real hassle,” he says. “Why not take that headache off your plate. Spend your time running the business instead of worrying about keeping the credit card you use for ad spend paid down.”

One of the things Mcallister likes about working with dash.fi is that card payments happen seamlessly in the background while his ad campaigns continue to run and generate revenue. That way, he can focus on running the business.

“Once I switched to dash.fi’s Ad Card, I didn’t even have to worry about it anymore,” he said. “What’s that worth? Everything—because it’s always going to get taken care of. It removes a lot of stress. If you can take things like this off your plate, it’s good for you and it’s good for your business.”

Why Flavored PB Co Likes A Purpose-Built Card For Ad Spend

Most business or corporate credit cards want to force businesses into a calendar month reconciliation, which works fine for some businesses. Unfortunately, advertisers with high daily spending limit requirements need a more flexible approach to managing this important part of advertising. A monthly reconciliation just doesn’t work. One size fits all approaches just don’t always fit.

What’s more, dash.fi offers some additional services the big credit card providers don’t.

“In addition to a great card that allows me to scale my ad spend as I need and keeps my business profitable,” says Mcallister, “I’ve recently started using the Media Buyer Concierge offered as a free service by dash.fi. They’ve matched me to an agency that makes sense for Flavored PB Co—they’re familiar with the market, perfect for a brand our size, and will help us grow.”

He also likes the fact that this new agency will be working with a performance upside in mind. In other words, if they are able to help Flavored PB Co grow, so will their paycheck.

Traditional card providers just don’t understand that scaling a business often means scaling  your advertising, which likely means increasing your daily ad spend. They put roadblocks in the way of growth instead of helping their customers meet their growth objectives.

“Capital One didn’t really care about helping my business grow,” he added. “Partnering with dash.fi feels like we’re working with someone who wants to see us succeed. The others just want our credit card payment. They just don’t have our back, but dash.fi does. If you don’t believe me, try it out. You might need to experience it to really understand.”

To schedule a demo and learn more about how dash.fi can help your business, visit https://www.dash.fi.

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