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Leadbit Review

CPA marketing is a powerful tool for brands that want organic advertisements and publishers that want to monetize their content. If you're going to use CPA and other affiliate marketing options to monetize your content, Leadbit is worth considering.

What is Leadbit?

Leadbit is a CPA network that helps match publishers and content creators to affiliate offers they can use to monetize their content. It has access to exclusive offers across the finance and nutrition, or nutra, verticals, offering instant payments.

The company also helped organize the Moscow Affiliate Conference, an international affiliate marketing gathering that had more than 3,000 attendees in previous years.

How Does Leadbit Work?

Leadbit works like many other affiliate marketing networks, helping publishers find offers to advertise on their websites or within other content. When content creators or publishers direct their audience to brand websites, they can earn a commission for sales they help produce.

Leadbit lets content creators browse a list of affiliate marketing opportunities and generate affiliate links. Leadbit has tools like a traffic distribution system (TDS), API, banner rotators, and free translations. It offers affiliates real-time reporting with a powerful in-house tracking platform that enables you to analyze your content’s performance and find your best-performing campaigns. 

When you’ve earned commissions, you can request a payment, which Leadbit claims to send instantly upon request.

How is Leadbit Different From Other Affiliate Networks?

Leadbit is different from other affiliate networks in a few ways.

One is that it has affiliate offers from brands across the globe. Content creators can monetize their content regardless of where they or their audience lives, which is not true for all affiliate networks.

The promise of instant payment upon request is also unusual. However, payments can take up to two weeks to arrive in your account after you request them.

The company also has an in-depth blog that offers courses and guides for building effective affiliate campaigns and improving your conversion rate, helping you earn more commissions.

What are the Sign-Up Requirements for Leadbit?

One of the most difficult parts of joining a new affiliate network is meeting the eligibility requirements. The good news is that Leadbit makes it easy to sign up.

To be eligible, your website must:

  • Be at least two weeks old

  • Not violate relevant advertising and data protection laws

  • Not use fraudulent methods to drive traffic

If you meet those requirements, you can sign up for an account with the affiliate network.

What Affiliate Programs are Available with Leadbit?

When choosing an affiliate network, it’s essential to think about the programs and offers that will be available to you. You want to make sure there will be offers relevant to your audience.

For example, a fitness blogger probably won’t see as much success when advertising music equipment as he does advertising nutritional supplements and weight-training equipment.

Leadbit has offers primarily in the finance and nutra industries, which tend to interest a wide range of people. That means there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find offers that will appeal to your audience and help you drive conversions.

What are Leadbit's Payment Methods?

Ultimately, if you’re a publisher or content creator signing up for Leadbit, your goal is to make money. Leadbit offers multiple ways to get paid once you earn commissions.

First, you need to keep in mind that the minimum payout is $50. You won’t be able to request payment until you reach that balance. Once you do, you can request a payout from several options, including:

  • Wire transfer

  • Paxum

  • ePayments

  • Webmoney

  • PayPal

Though Leadbit says it will submit payment immediately upon request, its terms page clarifies that payouts can take up to two weeks to reach your account.

How Do I Sign Up for Leadbit?

The sign-up process for Leadbit is straightforward. If you meet the requirements, you must visit Leadbit.com, click on the sign-up icon in the top right corner, and provide your name, email address, password, and Skype/Telegram contact information.

Once you’ve done that, Leadbit will have an affiliate manager ask you for additional information about your website, audience, and goals for joining the network. If the account manager approves your application, you’ll be up and running and able to access Leadbit’s website and affiliate offers.

Once you select offers that will appeal to your audience, you can generate affiliate links and start including them on your website. Leadbit’s dashboard will give you a real-time view of how your content drives conversions.

Final Word

CPA marketing is one of the most effective ways for content creators and publishers to make money online. If you’re looking for a CPA network you can work with to find affiliate offers that will appeal to your audience, consider working with Leadbit.

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