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Mobipium: Mobile CPA Network Review

Affiliate marketing can be an effective way for brands to reach more customers and for publishers, influencers and online marketers to make money. If you’re looking for a CPA network with a focus on mobile content, Mobipium may be worth checking out.

What is Mobipium?

Mobipium is a mobile CPA network based in Funchal, Portugal with employees and offices in Lisbon, Buenos Aires, and São Paulo. The company describes itself on LinkedIn as a, “Mobile Performance Agency specialized in promoting Mobile Content/MVAS.”

How Does Mobipium Work?

For users, Mobipium appears to work much in the same way the other affiliate networking platforms do. 

Advertisers can use the platform to connect with affiliates who can promote their offers and get paid. 

Affiliate marketers can find advertisers with offers they believe their audience will want, and sign up to be part of those affiliate programs. From there, they can promote those offers in a way that aligns with their business and hopefully generate revenue.  

How is Mobipium Different From Other Affiliate Networks?

Mobipium is a performance-based marketing network that specializes in mobile content/MVAS. Not sure what those terms mean? Let’s look closer.

  • Performance-based marketing refers to digital marketing where advertisers pay when certain results are achieved. 

  • Mobile marketing is marketing that takes advantage of all mobile channels. 

  • mVas generally refers to mobile content offers, including both one-time and recurring subscription offers. Music, gaming, and online storage are examples of this type of offer.

In the case of Mobipium, the performance-based marketing value proposition is focused on designing their offering to “filter traffic until we reach our targets on CTL, billing and cancelation rates.” (CTL refers to customer lifetime value.) 

The mobile content/MVAS (mobile value added service) part of their value proposition is reflected in the fact that they allow advertisers to promote their mVAS/carrier billing verticals and accept SMS traffic from affiliates, which isn’t often the case with affiliate marketing networks.

What are the Sign Up Requirements for Mobipium?

The sign up requirements for Mobipium are different for advertisers and affiliates. Both users and affiliates start at www.mobipium.com

Advertisers interested in partnering with Mobipium for their mobile advertising offers can sign up at Mobipium.com/advertisers. Advertisers will need to provide detailed information on their sign up form including offer types, three top campaign previews, and top five GEOs.

Affiliates have fewer requirements to fulfill compared to advertisers as they only have to provide basic information about themselves and the company. Advertisers have to provide more information on their sign up form including offer types, three top campaign previews, and top five GEOs. Affiliates can log in or sign up at affiliates.mobipium.com

What Affiliate Programs are Available with Mobipium?

The affiliate offers available from Mobipium aren’t as extensive as large affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Rakuten or Impact. But they do have more than five thousand offers for affiliates to choose from and they accept a more diverse group of advertisers than others. 

And keep in mind the number of affiliate programs isn’t usually the most important thing to consider when looking at a network. Rather you want to make sure they are a good fit for your business.

What are Mobipium's Payment Methods?

Mobipium currently offers four payout methods for affiliates;

  • Payoneer

  • PayPal

  • Wire Transfer

  • Paxum

These methods should provide convenient payment access for most affiliates worldwide. 

How Do I Sign Up for Mobipium?

For Advertisers

If you are an advertiser looking to sign up for Mobipium you can do so right on their website. You will need to supply several pieces of information including location of your company, top five GEOs (geographic areas), and monthly investment amounts. 

The form will also ask you about the offer type (direct offers, in-house offers, or other) and conversion type you are seeking (CPA, CPI, CPL, Other), alongside a sample of your top three campaigns. For the top three campaigns you have to provide an lp preview along with the campaign name, GEO, carrier, and CPA. 

Once you are successfully signed up, you will get access to the platform, potential affiliates, and a dedicated account manager.

For Affiliates

In order to sign up as an affiliate you will need to provide basic personal information such as your name, email address, and Skype name (optional), along with your company name, activity, traffic, and verticals. 

For activity the options include; media buying, webmasters, affiliate networks, ad networks, and an “other” category. Traffic options include, but aren’t limited to; banners, native, Facebook, and Google. The vertical options include carrier billing, CPA, crypto, finance, ecommerce, along with an “other” option. 

Once you are signed up, you can access the offers marketplace and start setting up your referral links. If you need help, the company provides 24/7 access to talk to an affiliate manager.

The Bottom Line: Mobipium

Mobipium appears to be eager to work with advertisers and digital marketers who want to reach a mobile audience. They offer several ways to reach out to them, and you can meet their representatives at popular conferences like Affiliate Summit East or West, or Affiliate World Asia or Europe. They even invite you to connect with them at their Lisbon office.  

If your business caters to a mobile audience, it can be worth checking out their offers to see whether they are a fit for your online marketing efforts.

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