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MyLead Affiliate Network Review

Publishers and digital marketers looking for an affiliate program that allows you to make money from your website, blog or other marketing efforts–especially outside the US–may want to explore MyLead, a fast-growing international affiliate network. 

Here’s what you need to know if you are considering MyLead for your affiliate marketing efforts. 

What is MyLead?

MyLead is an international affiliate network offering monetization opportunities in a variety of categories we’ll describe shortly. Affiliates make money by referring people to offers by companies that pay for those referrals. 

The MyLead affiliate network is very easy to join, and offers a comprehensive platform that includes a robust reporting dashboard, extensive affiliate marketing education for beginners to more experienced marketers, along with a variety of integrations. 

How Does MyLead Work?

You’ll start the signup process at MyLead.global. I signed up for MyLeads to understand the process and the programs offered. It is probably one of the easiest affiliate program sign ups I have encountered. 

Unlike some affiliate networks that have more extensive requirements to join, you don’t have to have a business to sign up for MyLead. You can sign up as a business or an individual. 

First, you’ll be asked to provide login information (user name, email address and password). Once you accept the terms you’ll be asked to verify your registration. 

You’ll then either verify your account through a link or by entering a token sent to your email. Since the redirect page was blocked by Chrome as not secure, I used the token to verify my email address. 

Next you’ll be asked how much money you’ve made with other networks though the answer doesn’t seem to affect your application. I chose the lowest amount and was still able to access my dashboard immediately.

You can also choose to join their group on Discord. 

Once you have signed up you’ll land in your dashboard. There you can see a variety of detailed statistics about your performance. 

But if you’re new to the platform, you’ll start with the welcome message that includes links to learning tools. MyLead offers a variety of them.

When you join you’ll be invited to review the vade mecum (I had to look that up - it means guidebook), and an extensive YouTube library of tutorials. Once you read the handbook you can reach out to a mentor for more assistance. 

The support team is available by email, phone, Discord, Telegram or Skype. Chat is available for affiliates who have earned a certain amount. (In my case, it said users who have earned over $23 USD.) Overall, support seems to be strong and available in a variety of ways. 

Is MyLead Affiliate Legit?

Those who are thinking about getting into affiliate marketing often have two questions:

The answer to the first question is “yes,” provided you’re willing to learn and put in effort to make the most of the opportunity. 

As far as MyLead goes, it reports 48 employees on LinkedIn. It has an office in Poznań Poland and employees may work remotely or hybrid. The domain name was registered on April 19, 2018.

According to self-reported data for 2022, it paid out a total of $3,038,054 in commissions, and the top earner received $244.064. It also reports having 253,628 publishers. 

It has also won a number of awards in 2022, including FT 1000 for Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies where it landed at #257. 

Offer and Commission Types on MyLead

To find opportunities, I clicked around the left hand menu, and found what I was looking for under Content Locker, where I chose the option Available Campaigns. 

From there, the first option is to choose a country (there are more than 200 listed). Not all offers are available in all countries.  

The next option is the type of campaign:

  • CPL - cost per lead 

  • CPS - cost per sale

  • CPA - cost per action

  • PPI - pay per impression

  • COD - cash on delivery

From there you can check out offers in a number of major categories, including:

  • Adult 

  • Entertainment

  • Business 

  • Knowledge

  • Health and Beauty

  • Gambling

  • Lotteries and Contests

  • House and Garden

  • Appliances and Electronics

  • Transport and Travel

  • Motoring

  • Social Media

  • Sports and Hobby

  • Books

  • Accessories (including jewelry)

I chose USA and Business (all types, including loans, credit, cards, account, investments, insurances, investment platforms). That selection gave me three options that were CPA offers that paid between $.40 and $1.34. They were bitcoin/lottery-type offers. 

I decided to check out another category, gardening. According to MyLead’s 2022 statistics, home and gardening were the top earning categories. However, when I chose House and Garden Global (all countries) I only found four offers, all of which categorized as lotteries and contests, with CPL payouts between $.4 and $.7. 

The Games category (globally) had a lot of offers–247 when I searched–ranging from $.02 to $11.66, mostly on a CPA basis. (One offer pays $15.52 but that seemed to be an outlier in this category. Most offers paid less than $2.)

The Health and Beauty category brought up eight offers with payouts ranging from $.07 to $.07 and included popular brands like Lush (for UK and Poland) and L’oreal Paris (for Poland).

There are bonus earning opportunities available as well. For example, for 24 hours each month there is an opportunity to sign in to earn a bonus. There’s also a negotiable bonus for sharing MyLead on your website with a follow link. (This article is not part of this promotion.) 

If you are successful, you’ll want to get paid. The minimum payout is $20 USD and payment options include online wallet or bank account. 

Alternatives to MyLead

Overall, MyLeads.com seems to be a solid affiliate network, with strong functionalities, especially for international publishers. It offers strong customer support and learning resources. Whether it’s the best affiliate network for your business will depend on the types of offers your audience is looking for and where they are located. 

Here are some of the top affiliate networks you may want to consider:








Remember it’s not all or nothing. You can join multiple affiliate networks and find the offers that will most appeal to your audience.

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