5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency

Did you know Facebook reports that 1.929 billion people use the platform on a daily basis?

And according to the latest statistics from early 2022:

  • Facebook adds 500,000 new users every day: That’s 6 new profiles every second.

  • 200 million small companies are on Facebook

  • 63% of Americans over 12 years old say they have Facebook

  • 65% of those are under 35

  • 98.3% of Facebook users are on their phone

  • 78% of consumers have found a product through Facebook

  • 93%  of marketers use  Facebook for advertising

  • 78% of consumers in America have discovered a retail product through Facebook.

Let’s also consider Facebook Messenger.

As a natural extension to Facebook, Messenger has roughly 2.91 billion monthly active users, according to Statista’s 2022 reporting.  Facebook Messenger reach in the U.S. is 63%.  The age group who uses Mesenger the most in the U.S. is 25 - 34 years old.

Because this communications powerhouse is only going to grow and expand its reach with time, we’re going to share 5 ways you can tap into the power of Facebook Messenger and utilize it to promote your eCommerce company’s products and services.

#1 Advertise Using Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook ads reach more potential customers in a more targeted way than just about any other advertising method available today. 

Within Facebook, there are a number of different options:

  • Facebook Newsfeed Ads

  • Instant Articles

  • Instagram Ads

  • Facebook Messenger Ads

We recommend Facebook Messenger Ads because of their lower cost, ability to make an instant connection, and ease of following up with leads.

Once a potential lead is in your Facebook Messenger Funnel, you can guide them through a sequence using a Facebook Messenger bot to qualify them for your services, send more free resources or let them know about your special offers.

Provide value upfront with something like a “31 Day Zero Waste Challenge”. Throughout the 31 days, you might offer information about their services and links to products available for purchase on the website.

#2 Share Your Messenger QR Code At Events

Messenger codes are a great way to open up the conversation with prospective clients or businesses when you’re out and about.

Are you going to a conference or trade show this year? Have your QR code ready to scan for potential leads. This will give you the opportunity to start a conversation and learn what you can do to help their business.

Think of the Messenger QR Code as a breadcrumb for your prospects. Once a person scans your code they can send you messages, visit your Facebook page, and click through to your website to learn more about you.

Not only can you present your code on a mobile phone, but it can also be printed on physical media.

Do you like to hand out business cards at events? Put the QR code on the back.

Does your company send out flyers or postcards? Add the Messenger Code, so people can get in touch quickly.

You could even insert your code in local magazines. Connect with others and expand your network wherever you can.

Not sure how to create a Messenger QR code? Check out this how-to article for instructions.

Not sure how to create a Messenger QR code? Check out this how-to article for instructions.

To learn more about setting up Messenger Ads, check out this article.

#3 Convert Cold Leads to Clients

There is nothing people want more than to know that you genuinely care about their business and want to help them succeed.

The quickest way to do this is to present an irresistible offer that benefits them on your website or Facebook Page.

This could be a popup Messenger widget that says “Welcome! We’d love to help you [do whatever your product does]. Click the button below for a FREE [your product/service demo] session with one of our experts!”

Who wouldn’t want to take you up on that offer? You’re providing helpful information about how they can whiten their teeth, lose weight, be more successful in their personal life, or whatever your product or service can do for them – FREE of charge.

Another way to show prospective customers and clients that you care is to be available in real-time to address any questions or concerns. This is your chance to show your expertise and gain their trust. Give leads the opportunity to get to know you, understand what you can do to help and build rapport.  

Here’s an example popup, where potential users can ask questions and receive answers in real time.

Connecting on Facebook Messenger also gives you the opportunity to provide value.

Maybe you created an in-depth blog post on how to set up a Shopify store? Send a link to the post via Messenger.

Do you have a YouTube channel where you provide weekly tips and nuggets of information on how to successfully achieve the results your product delivers?  Let your prospects know each time you post a new video.

There’s no shortage of resources you can provide to potential clients. The more free, valuable information you give, the more they will get to know, like, and trust you as the expert.

#4 Capture Prospects’ Contact Information

Facebook Messenger automation is an easy and time-saving way to provide answers and resources.

Most companies have a set of frequently asked questions, like:

  • What are your hours?

  • What services do you offer?

  • Do you have any coupons or discounts?

Automating frequently asked questions not only allows you to quickly address inquiries but gives you the opportunity to capture email addresses and phone numbers in the process.

For example, when some asks if you have any coupons, you can request an email address to send the discount code.

You could also request an email address in order to provide detailed information about your services. Requesting a phone number will also allow you to follow up on any services they are interested in.

Use the Facebook Messenger Bot tool to set up a Menu, so prospect or client questions are answered immediately and you don’t have to spend time repeating answers. The longer a person has to wait for a simple answer, the more likely they are to move on to the next company.

Another great way to automate is by allowing current clients and prospects to schedule calls through Facebook Messenger. Linking to a third-party scheduling tool, such as Calendly, makes the process seamless.

Your clients can set up weekly or monthly calls with a click of a button. No more back and forth to figure out what time works best for everyone.

Prospects can schedule a consultation call to learn about the various products and services you offer. This is prime time to collect an email address and/or phone number.

Our favorite way to automate using Facebook Messenger is to set up a sequence that prequalifies leads. Asking prospects specific questions will allow you to gain clarity about their needs and the services they are interested in.

Depending on what you’re selling, you could ask questions such as…

  • Are you currently using any teeth whitening products?

  • What is your monthly budget home lawn care services?

  • What is your target weight loss goal?

#5 Keep Your Business Visible

Once you’ve connected with prospective clients on Facebook Messenger, it’s important to keep your business on their radar. Ask yourself these questions to figure out what you could send out to keep YOU, top of mind:

  • Are you launching a new product or service?

  • Have you created a partnership with another business?

  • Are you offering a seasonal discount?

  • Do you have a local event coming up?

  • Did your business receive an accreditation?

These are all great ways to let others know you are constantly working to improve your business by expanding your network, keeping up with the latest consumer demands and appreciating their loyalty

Ready to Automate the Lead Generation Process with Facebook Messenger?

Getting leads doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to be where your customers are and have the right tool to automate the process.

With many marketing software programs, you can automate lead generation by creating a Messenger Funnel.

These software programs can let you send people to a Facebook Messenger bot via a popup on your website, a “Send to Messenger” button, or a QR code.

Using a Facebook Messenger Bot allows you to start a conversation with your leads faster and get them scheduled for a consultation, as well as answer any questions they may have before the call.

For help setting up a Facebook Messenger campaign, ask about Ad Concierge Services at dash.fi today.

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