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SellHealth Affiliate Network Review 2023

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way for brands to reach their customers and a lucrative opportunity for affiliates who want to earn money from the content they produce. 

If you’re a content producer wanting to monetize your content, SellHealth is a company worth considering.

What Is SellHealth?

SellHealth bills itself as the number one nutritional supplement affiliate program with a 20-year history and more than $100 million in commissions paid. It helps affiliates monetize their content by promoting various health and wellness products.

How Does SellHealth Work?

SellHealth works like other affiliate programs, letting its affiliates earn a commission by promoting its products.

To get started, you need to sign up for the platform by providing your personal information, payment information, and details about how you plan to promote the company’s products.

Once you’ve signed up as an affiliate, the rest is up to you. You can choose which of SellHealth’s 50-plus offers you’d like to promote to your audience, then plug those offers however you see fit.

For example, a video producer might feature SellHealth’s products in their video content during a sponsored segment. A blogger might mention the products within a blog post and include an affiliate link so readers can purchase the product.

However you drive people to SellHealth.com, the company will track the people you send to its site via your affiliate link and whether they will make a purchase. If they do, you can earn a commission.

SellHealth claims that it has commissions as high as $350 on some products and offers real-time statistics so that you can track your performance on the platform. The company also provides affiliate managers who consult with you on how to boost revenue and live training sessions that you can use to get help with building your income over time.

Types of Offers and Commissions on SellHealth

To be an effective affiliate marketer, the products you’re advertising must resonate with the people who consume your content. If you blog about kitchen gadgets and new recipes, you probably won’t see much success pitching video games and computer accessories. However, you’ll likely see more commissions coming through if you market kitchen tools.

SellHealth, as its name implies, focuses on health and wellness products. Its product line includes fitness supplements, sexual health supplements, anti-aging products, and skincare products. That means you’ll likely see the most success if you produce content that interests people who purchase these types of products.

For example, if you’re a fitness blogger, SellHealth’s fitness supplements will likely be a good fit for your audience. If you have a predominantly female audience, you may be able to find ways to promote a lot of SellHealth’s female health products. 

SellHealth offers a percentage-based commission on each sale. How much you earn depends on the products your audience buys and the volume of orders you can drive. SellHealth says it pays a commission of 30% to 50% of all sales made, with higher-volume affiliates earning higher commissions.

You can receive your commission payouts in a few different ways, including PayPal payment, wire transfer, or even bitcoin. SellHealth pays its affiliates bi-weekly, and the company boasts it has never missed a commission payment. 

Alternatives to SellHealth

Affiliate marketing is a competitive industry. If you’re looking to make money through affiliate marketing, finding a platform with offers that appeal to your audience, the best tools, affiliate support, and substantial payouts is essential.

If you’re not sure that SellHealth is right for you, consider these other options.

Amazon Associates

When it comes to affiliate marketing, Amazon is a leader in the industry. Amazon is one of the largest businesses in the world and dominates online retail. You can buy almost anything on the site, meaning many people use it weekly or even daily.

Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon Associates, lets influencers earn commissions by driving sales to Amazon’s platform. The upside to this is that you can use the program no matter what type of content you produce. Given the variety of products Amazon sells, there’s bound to be something your audience will want to buy.

The drawback is the commission rate. Amazon pays commissions as low as 1% for some products and as high as 20% for others. Plus, there are some product categories Amazon won’t pay a commission for, including gift cards, alcoholic beverages, Prime Now, and more. Predicting and tracking your earnings can be complicated since each product type has a different commission rate.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate, formerly Commission Junction, is one of the longest-running affiliate networks out there. CJ Affiliate is appealing because it partners with many prominent brand names, allowing affiliates to profit by sending their audience to major brands like Barnes & Noble, Priceline, Overstock, and Office Depot.

The platform offers many valuable features, including comprehensive onboarding, the ability to track people across devices, access to CJ’s API technology to customize your marketing, and a powerful reporting dashboard you can use to understand how your content drives sales.


ShareASale bills itself as the fastest-growing affiliate marketing program. It has more than 21,200 merchant partners and a network of more than 241,000 publishing partners that combined to generate nearly 200 million in sales in 2021.

Like other affiliate platforms, ShareASale helps content creators find brands that want to market their products through affiliates. ShareASale offers powerful search tools to make it easy to find relevant brands and an intuitive dashboard to track your performance.

You’ll receive monthly payments and can choose from direct deposit, check, and ACH.

Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten is a popular shopping portal that rewards customers when they shop on partnering brands’ websites through the portal. On top of rewarding customers, Rakuten has an affiliate program that can help content creators earn money.

Rakuten has a substantial list of brand partners, making it easy to find offers that can appeal to your audience. It also has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for making affiliate links and tracking sales.

Final Word

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool for brands and content creators, allowing them to partner in a mutually beneficial way. If you’re a content creator who wants to earn an income by helping brands drive sales, consider working with SellHealth if your audience is interested in health and wellness products.

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