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TerraLeads Affiliate Network Review 2023

Cost per action (CPA) marketing is an effective way for businesses to use their advertising dollars to reach customers more organically. With this model, brands work with influencers and publishers to promote their products or service, offering payment for each lead or sale they generate.

If you’re a publisher or influencer who wants to earn money through your content, TerraLeads is worth considering.

What Is TerraLeads?

TerraLeads is an affiliate marketing network based in London which brands itself as “the world’s first CPA Hub.” It operates in North America, Europe, and Asia, with geo networks reaching 101 countries, and processes more than 50,000 leads per day.

The company describes itself as a hub because it serves as the publisher and merchant in one place. It helps develop material that its affiliates can use to promote its products via consultations with account managers. TerraLeads is also the merchant, selling its own products rather than working with outside brands.

This platform mostly operates in the health, beauty, and diet niches selling creams, pills, weight loss products, and similar items.

How Does TerraLeads Work?

TerraLeads works much like other affiliate marketing programs. Affiliates can sign up at terraleads.com to join the network and get access to the company’s offers. 

If you find something that your audience may want to purchase in TerraLead’s offerings, you can generate an affiliate link to include in your content. This link will lead to a landing page where customers can learn more about the product and start the ordering process.

One thing that sets TerraLeads apart is its quick lead system and multilingual support. Its landing pages prompt users to enter their contact information. If they do, TerraLeads will have an employee call that person in their native language to help them complete the sale. 

On top of earning a commission for the sales you help generate, you can also earn t-coins, which you can redeem in the company’s TerraStore for rewards like computers, gaming systems, drones, or even a car.

Reasons to Use TerraLeads

There are a few strong reasons to consider using TerraLeads. These include:

  • Call centers staffed with people fluent in many different languages

  • Quick lead system that involves human contact to complete sales

  • Exclusive products in the health and wellness categories

  • Wide network that includes more than 100 countries

  • $50 minimum payout

  • Daily payouts

Alternatives to TerraLeads

TerraLeads is just one of many different affiliate networks out there. If you’re not sure this network is the right fit for you, you might prefer these alternatives.


SellHealth is another big player in the health and wellness category. The company claims to be the number one nutritional supplement, or nutra, affiliate program and has a 20-year history of success. 

Like TerraLeads, this company focuses on things like supplements and skin care products, but it claims to have commissions as high as $350 on some of its products.

The company also rewards affiliates who can produce high sales volume. It starts with commissions of about 30% but can boost that rate to 50% for high-volume affiliates.

Amazon Associates

Affiliate marketing in health and wellness can be lucrative, but not every audience wants those types of products. If you blog about knitting, your readers probably aren’t looking to buy protein powder.

Amazon is a giant of ecommerce, and you can buy almost anything you can imagine on its website. This makes its affiliate program, Amazon Associates, appealing to nearly anyone. You can earn commissions by driving sales of almost any product on Amazon.

The downside is that each product category has a different commission amount, and the rates can be low, between 1% and 20%. You might not earn much if you’re in a highly competitive and popular market.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate helps many different brands connect with publishers and influencers. With CJ Affiliate, you can work with companies like Office Depot, Samsung, Barnes & Noble, and Overstock to promote their products or services.

One powerful feature the company offers is a reporting dashboard that shows you how your content drives sales, helping you guide future content to improve conversion.


ShareASale bills itself as the fastest-growing affiliate program on the market, bragging that it has more than 21,200 merchant partners and generated more than 200 million sales in 2021 alone.

With so many partners, it might be hard to find products to promote. Fortunately, to make things easier, ShareASale offers a powerful search tool to find offers that will resonate with your audience and an intuitive dashboard you can use to track your performance.

Final Word

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for brands to reach customers. It also gives influencers and publishers an effective way to monetize their content, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved. If your audience might be interested in health and wellness products, consider signing up for the TerraLeads platform.

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