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dash.fi December Update

In December dash.fi updated and enhanced a number of user experience features to make using the app easier and more intuitive. 

Find what you need when you need it

New and improved transaction filters make it easier to find what you're looking for when searching card transaction history. A prominent filter button along with a new transaction filter section make it easy to see all filtered transactions.

Customer-requested updates

The dash.fi dashboard has been updated with user interface improvements to make information included on the dashboard easier to understand and more intuitive to use for domestic clients as well as prepaid customers.

Recent transactions

The most recent transactions are displayed in an easy-to-access section of the dashboard providing a quick view of the most current card information.

Spending limits

View daily, monthly, and lifetime spending limits right from the dashboard making it easier to monitor and control how spend is tracking to projections and limits.

API filter improvements

To make the API more efficient and precise, ew have added new filters to allow you to pull updates for only the transactions you need.  Seamlessly add or edit new filter categories for:

  • Creation dates

  • Card name

  • Last 4 digit on card

  • Establish names for cards

Card editing improvements

Now you can see our card data in a table view to allow you to easily view multiple card details at the same time when you need it.

Accessing information on frozen or archived card information is now easier than ever and available from the main screen.

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