dash.fi Introduces Direct API Access And Other User Improvements in June

Improving the User Experience for both domestic and international customers was the focus of dash.fi’s most recent product updates. Many of the new features introduced are the direct result of customer feedback.

Data Insights Updates

A new design for the Insights Page was released for all Customers.

Application Onboarding Improvements

User experience updates were added to make onboarding to the dash.fi platform easier and more intuitive.

  • Navigation updates within the application

  • Updated fields to improve the user experience

  • A modal window was added to identify any information that will be needed to complete next steps within the application

Create/Edit Card Improvements

To improve accounting integration when creating new virtual cards, user experience updates were added.

  • Better field alignment to your own expense categories

  • Mandatory fields missing when creating a new card are now flagged in red

  • Flag user on card creation when applying a monthly budget that exceeds the daily limit

Direct API Access

For agencies wanting to incorporate dash.fi services into their system, direct API access makes it possible to white label dash.fi to seamlessly integrate into their established user interface.

Live Chat Support

dash.fi now offers live chat support through Zendesk to improve the customer service experience for dash.fi customers.  Reach out to [email protected] to understand the best options to communicate with the team.

Transaction Reporting Improvements

Reporting updates were introduced to make it easier for dash.fi customers to keep track of recent transactions.

  • Improvements to how quickly transaction statements download

  • Updated reporting of transactions that have multiple CLEARING events, like in hotel stays where the check out amount differs from the original authorization amount

To learn more about this update, please email us at [email protected].

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