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dash.fi January Update

January’s update includes a number of features requested by customers to automate and streamline working with dash.fi and within the dash.fi application.

Easier-to-use transaction filters/CSV download functionality

Improved and simplified transaction filters make it easier to find any particular transaction, or transactions, you’re looking for. You can view results on screen or download to a CSV file.

Fast and simple customer validation

Automated and simplified customer validation means less time before your account is approved and  you can start using  your dash.fi card.

Refund processing for prepaid customers

Refunds due can now be viewed on the same screen as authorizations and transactions. Now all your transaction data is located in one place.

Improved transaction download functionality

All transactions, including declined transactions, can now be downloaded via CSV file for review providing easier-to-access visibility in a complete transaction history.

Easier-than-ever onboarding

We’ve streamlined the onboarding documentation, making it easier to capture all your business data in one simple form.

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