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dash.fi Introduces New Features to Ramp Up the User Experience for International Advertisers

July’s dash.fi update focuses on streamlining the application process for international customers to make applying easier and quicker for international businesses that are also registered in the United States.

Say “Goodbye” to Antiquated Application Flows for International Customers From Other Card Issuers

International companies can now utilize the same easy-to-use application process as dash.fi domestic customers. This includes:

  • Easier document uploading to streamline the application

  • A smoother approval process to establish accurate credit limits

  • The client-facing API is now available to International Prepaid customers

  • International customers with Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Social Security Number (SSN), will have access to the same dash.fi card used by domestic customers

  • International customers with only an EIN will have access to dash.fi via a prepaid credit line

You Asked, We Listened, and We’ve Upped Our Application Game for US Customers Too

In response to customer feedback, dash.fi has made a number of improvements to the application process for domestic customers that will simplify applying for the dash.fi card and facilitate more accurate credit limits for new customers as well as credit limit increases for current customers. They include:

  • Easier document uploading through a simplified document exchange to establish more accurate credit limits for both domestic and international customers

  • Improvements to the application user experience to provide greater visibility into the application status and remove any potential ambiguity regarding in-process and completed application status

  • Expanding the client-facing API to include new features to the product set (for both domestic and international customers)

  • Any controlling officer (regardless of ownership status) is now able to submit an application to make applying more streamlined than ever

  • Enhanced reporting on transaction history so clients can better manage spend—including Spent, Authorized, and Voided Transactions categories

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