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Best Rewards Business Credit Cards

If you want to earn credit card points with every purchase, you’re not alone. Millions of business owners worldwide regularly earn credit card points worth thousands of dollars in free travel, cash back, cryptocurrency, and other rewards. With so many cards to choose from, it’s important for business owners and managers to shop around for the best fit for their business. Here’s a closer look at some of the best business credit cards for points on the market today.

Types of Business Credit Cards with Points

Business credit cards come in many different types and brands. There are more types of business credit cards than Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You may also have to sift through a long list of banks, credit unions, and other credit card companies when looking for your ideal card.

These are some of the most common types of business credit cards with points:

  • Cash back only: Some cards allow you to redeem for cash back. Cash back rewards typically come in the form of a statement credit that lowers your outstanding balance. You may also have options to redeem for a direct deposit to a bank account or a paper check in the mail. Statement credits are often the most convenient way to redeem. A dollar is a dollar, so there’s little benefit to redeeming and using the funds to pay off your bill.

  • Travel rewards: Credit card rewards are sometimes easily converted to free or discounted travel. Depending on your card, you might earn points redeemable for travel through the credit card issuer’s website. Other cards give you rewards directly in miles or points for a specific airline or hotel.

  • General points rewards: General credit card points are often redeemable for flexible uses, like travel, cash back, cryptocurrency, and other choices. dash.fi is an example of a general points rewards card where you can get cash back, crypto, and other redemptions.

The 5 Best Business Credit Cards for Points

  • dash.fi: We may be a little biased, but the team at dash.fi believes they have created the best business credit card for points. The dash.fi card includes up to 3% cash back on advertising purchases with no limits and no annual fee. It’s perfect for any business that spends on digital advertising through sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap, Tiktok, and others. Customers also get access to preferred rates through our advertising agency partners.

  • Chase Ink Business Preferred: Chase Ink Business Preferred requires a $95 annual fee. It offers 3x cash back on a list of bonus categories up to $150,000 in annual purchases. Once you hit that $150,000 limit, your earnings will drop to the standard 1x rate. Rewards are paid as Chase Ultimate Rewards points, redeemable for travel, cash back, and other options.

  • American Express Business Gold: Amex requires a larger $250 annual fee for this credit card, which offers American Express Membership Rewards. These points are redeemable for travel and other rewards. It includes a higher 4x rewards rate on your top bonus categories, but with a $150,000 annual limit on that bonus rate. After that, you get just 1x point per dollar.

  • Capital One Spark Cash Plus: With a $150 annual fee, Capital One Spark Cash Plus offers rewards redeemable just for cash back. It pays 2% back on all purchases with no limits or bonus categories.

  • Bank of America Business Advantage Customized Cash Rewards Mastercard credit card: This card doesn’t have an annual fee but also comes with few benefits beyond its rewards program. You can earn 3% in a chosen category from a short list and 2% for dining purchases, but there’s a $50,000 annual purchase limit for the bonus categories. All other purchases, including over the annual $50,000 bonus category purchase limit, come with just 1% back.

What to Look for in a Business Credit Card for Points

Business credit cards for points have a very wide set of features, rewards, and benefits. Here are some key features to look for in a business credit card:

Annual Fee

An annual fee is a price paid to have a credit card, even if you never use it. dash.fi doesn’t require an annual fee for its card. Annual fees can be worth it in some cases when the rewards and benefits are worth much more than the annual fee. But when you find a card with no annual fee, all rewards are effectively profit.

Rewards Rate

Your rewards rate is how much you earn for every purchase on the card. Most cards come with a rewards rate paid in cash back or points. Cash back rewards are calculated as a percentage of your purchase, like 1% back or 2% back. The dash.fi card includes up to 3% on bonus category purchases with no annual limits.

Rewards Limits

Some cards put a cap on what you can earn in bonus categories. For example, if your card has a $50,000 limit on its top rewards rate and you spend $25,000 per month on the card in that category, you would only get the best rewards rate for the first two months. You would earn a lower rewards rate for the rest of the year. Again, dash.fi doesn’t put any limits on rewards by category.

Travel and Purchase Benefits

Some cards include benefits like rental car insurance, cell phone insurance, purchase protection, extended warranty protection, and trip interruption or cancellation insurance. Consider which of these are important when shopping for a business credit card for points.

Other Fees and Costs

If you make many purchases from sellers outside of the United States, you won’t want a card with foreign transaction fees, which can often cost up to around 3% of the transaction value.

Also, look out for cash advance fees, balance transfer fees, late payment fees, returned payment fees, and interest rates. The issuers should disclose all fees in your cardmember agreement’s fee schedule.

Why dash.fi is the Best Business Credit Card for Points

The dash.fi card comes with no annual fee and up to 3% back on advertising purchases from social media and search engines. You can redeem for cash or use your points for other redemptions, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The card is designed specifically for businesses with active online advertising purchase needs.

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