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The Best Business Credit Cards

If you run a small to midsized business, you have many choices regarding how to handle payments. For most businesses, credit cards offer a combination of features, benefits, and rewards that make business rewards cards by far the best method of payment.

Here’s a look at some of the best business credit cards on the market today, focusing on finding cards that offer low costs, valuable rewards, and features that help business owners and managers better manage their cash flow, spending, financial security, and more. Keep reading to find the best business credit cards available today.

Types of Business Credit Cards

When hunting for the right business card for you, here are some of the main categories to worry about:

  • General business credit cards: Many credit cards offer few features beyond the ability to spend and manage cash flow. These cards are widely available from many banks, credit unions, and other card issuers. The big downside of these cards is that you don’t get anything back after making a purchase.

  • Business cash back rewards cards: Business cash back rewards cards pay you back in cash every time you swipe, tap, dip, or click to make a purchase. Cards typically offer around 1% back on most purchases with higher rewards rates in certain bonus categories. Watch out for limits on cash back and annual fees that can lower your rewards.

  • Business travel rewards cards: Business travel rewards credit cards pay you in miles or points redeemable for travel, including hotel nights, flights, cruises, and train fares. Cards in this category are often tied to specific hotel or airline brands and give you rewards specific to that brand. Again, watch out for high annual fees for some business rewards cards in this category.

  • General business rewards cards: Some companies, including dash.fi, Chase, and American Express offer rewards with various redemption choices. Those can include cash back, travel, cryptocurrency, products from partner retailers, and more. These cards typically feature the most valuable rewards points and unique ways to redeem them.

With dozens of business credit cards to choose from across multiple credit card categories, it can be tough to zero in on the right card for your unique business spending needs. By understanding your spending habits, the types of rewards you want to earn, and your tolerance for annual fees, you’ll be in the best position to choose the ideal business card.

The 5 Best Business Credit Cards

Researching business credit cards can take hours of work, so the team at dash.fi did the hard work for you. We’ve crawled through hundreds of cards from top issuers and small banks, including Chase, Amex, Capital One, Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo, and others. Here are our favorites that stand out as the best business credit cards today:

dash.fi Card

While we may be biased, we think the dash.fi card is the top credit card for businesses on the market today. After years of frustration with mainstream cards from large banks, the dash.fi leadership team decided to fix their frustrations with business credit cards by creating a new card with a combination of features perfect for small businesses, midsized companies, and large enterprises alike.

Main features include no annual fee, up to 3% cash back with no limits, and flexible redemptions beyond cash back. The card is designed with the best perks for businesses that use online advertising with companies like Google, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and others. In addition to up to 3% cash back, dash.fi customers have access to discounted advertising rates through agency partners.

Highlights of the dash.fi Card

  • Up to 3% cash back with no limits

  • No founder guarantee required

  • No annual fee

  • Up to 20x the daily spending limits of most business cards

  • Unlimited card numbers to control and manage spend

  • Option to redeem for cryptocurrency

If you think the dash.fi card sounds like a good fit for your company, click here to learn more and apply.

Chase Ink Business Preferred

The Ink Business Preferred credit card from Chase is a popular card for small businesses. However, the $95 annual fee is a nonstarter for some business owners who don’t want to pay an annual fee just to have a card, even if they never use it.

The card offers rewards in the form of Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Savvy users can get a high value per reward, but redemptions can be confusing for some. You can redeem for travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards website, transfer rewards to partner travel companies, redeem or cash back, or choose from other reward options.

The card offers bonuses in some useful categories for business owners, but there’s a limit to what you can earn in those categories. High-spending businesses may hit the limits with a large online ad campaign in just a few days, dropping the rewards rate to a lower 1X per dollar for the rest of the calendar year.

American Express Business Gold

The Business Gold Card from American Express is a premier business rewards card. While the benefits are rewards can be extensive, it also requires a $250 annual fee for the first card and $50 for any additional cards. If you want to offer cards to a few employees, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars per year before earning a single reward point.

As with Chase Ink Business Preferred, it offers rewards in the form of the company’s rewards currency, in this case, American Express Membership Rewards points. The card also has bonuses in top business categories but drops to the standard 1X per dollar rate after reaching the annual limit.

This card is better for business owners who prefer luxury and premium travel and don’t mind spending a lot on annual fees. For a serious luxury traveler, you can upgrade to the American Express Business Platinum with a $499 annual fee and an additional $50 to $199 per year for more cards.

Capital One Spark Cash Plus

This card requires a $150 annual fee and features a 2% cash back rewards rate for all purchases. There’s no limit to what you can earn, but you never get more than 2% back. The card can be a lucrative cash back source, depending on your annual spending habits.

The card offers a simple cash back rewards program, which can be attractive to some business owners who don’t want to worry about complicated bonus categories, annual limits, or getting the best deal for travel. While there are few extra bells and whistles, the cash back rewards program makes it a top choice for businesses.

Brex Card

The Brex Card is a unique charge card with your spending limit tied to your bank account balance. You can’t open a Brex card without opening a Brex cash account. If you’re already happy with your banking set up, that could make Brex a no-go.

If you like the Brex program, it has no annual fee and offers a flexible rewards program with decent cash back and travel redemption options. However, the company recently earned bad press for closing many customer accounts to refocus on larger businesses. While the card is good, that track record could make you pause to think before opening an account.

What to Look for in a Business Credit Card

Now that you know some of the best business credit cards today, here are the criteria to keep at the top of your mind when evaluating the right choice for your business.

  • Annual fee: Some cards require annual fees of hundreds of dollars per year. Cards such as the dash.fi Mastercard come with no annual fee. If you choose a rewards card with an annual fee, make sure your rewards are worth more than the cost.

  • Bonus rewards rates and limits: The dash.fi card comes with up to 3% cash back on purchases with online advertising companies with no limits. Other cards may also offer bonuses on specific categories with varying rules and limits around your earnings.

  • Standard rewards rates: When you make a purchase outside of the bonus cash back, bonus miles, or bonus points categories, what do you get? 1% or 1X is most common, though some cards offer more.

  • Redemption options: You may not want to be limited to just cash back or travel rewards. dash.fi is among credit card companies with flexible rewards, including cash back and cryptocurrency. 

  • Card benefits: Business charge cards and credit cards often come with a suite of added benefits. Common benefits include rental car insurance, travel insurance, purchase protection, cell phone protection, extended warranty coverage, and other perks. Many of these credit card benefits are provided by Visa or Mastercard. The dash.fi card includes unique benefits for online advertising, including access to discounted rates in addition to higher credit card rewards.

  • Fees and charges: No annual fee is an important feature for some businesses. Other common charges include late payment fees, returned payment fees, cash advance fees, and balance transfer fees. You can avoid most of those by using your card responsibly.

Interest rates are only important if you don’t pay off the card in full every month by the due date. Smart business owners and managers completely pay off their card balances to avoid interest.

Why dash.fi is the Best Business Credit Card

The dash.fi card has no annual fee, up to 3% rewards with no caps for online advertising, unlimited employee cards, and much more. If you’re considering a new business credit card, make sure you include dash.fi on the shortlist! If you use online advertisers in any capacity, you’ll be glad to have dash.fi on your side.

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