The Best Credit Card Offers on Ads Purchases

Every time you make a payment for online advertising, do you earn a reward? The best credit card offers for advertising purchases feature up to 3% cash back with no limits to what you can earn, and there's no required annual fee. Here's a closer look at deciding which credit card offers and best and a glance at the best offer on the market today for digital advertising.

Credit Card Offers on Ads Purchases

When running a business, advertising is an essential part of getting your name out there and growing your customer base. But paying for ads can add up quickly, so it's critical to make sure you're earning rewards on those expenses. The best credit card offers for advertising purchases feature cash back rewards with no limit to what you can earn.

Some cards come with underwhelming sign-up offers and ever worse long-term rewards. Finding a credit card that gives you valuable rewards during the introductory period and long after, should be on your radar if you run a small business, agency, or even a large enterprise with regular advertising purchases from Facebook, Google, and other major platforms.

The Best Credit Card with Offers for Ads Purchases

While you may be more familiar with brands like Chase and American Express, they are not the only option for ads purchases. If you prefer cash back rewards over Amex Membership Rewards Points or Chase Ultimate Rewards, there are excellent business credit cards worth investigating beyond the Ink Business Preferred and Amex Platinum Card, for example.

The card currently comes with a 3% introductory offer for the first 60 days after opening a new account. For many credit card users, that's three times what you earn from most online ad spend.

Even better, after the introductory period ends, all users have opportunities to continue earning at the 3% rate indefinitely. Terms apply. Imagine your bottom line if you got $3 back for every $100 spent for online ads. If you work with an agency, that alone could cover a significant portion of their fee.

Earn Cash Back on Ad Spend

Cash back credit cards are becoming increasingly popular as businesses look for ways to save money and make their money work harder for them. If you're not familiar with cash back credit cards, they allow you to earn a percentage back from every purchase. The card is the first credit card designed primarily with online advertisers in mind.

While bonus points from a credit card intro offer may help you earn an occasional flight or hotel room, cash back rewards from turn your ad spend into a revenue stream. Rewards are accrued throughout the year and are automatically redeemed once every calendar year as a statement credit. If you want your cash sooner, you can cash out to a statement credit sooner with a few clicks of the mouse.

Automatic Payments to Protect Your Ad Campaigns

As an online advertiser, you know that automatic payments are essential to keep your ad campaigns running smoothly. The last thing you want is for your ads to be shut off because you missed a payment or went over your account credit limit. With, you can set up automatic payments for your ad spend, so you'll never have to worry about your campaigns being interrupted.

Even if you're working with a high budget, has you covered. You can set up any payment schedule to meet your cash flow needs and avoid running into account limits. With daily or weekly payments, you always stay within your credit limit.

High Credit Limit to Scale Ad Spend

With, you can run large campaigns without worrying about hitting your credit limit. Some traditional cards impose limits that high-value campaigns could reach in a single day. Some advertisers see their campaigns disabled when this happens, costing valuable sales.

Whether you’re focused on search engines or social media, the process of maintaining your ad campaign with is simple. After the account opening process, you can create unlimited virtual cards. That could mean a dedicated account number for tracking Google ads, Facebook ads, or any other campaign with maximum control. offers daily spending limits that are 10x to 20x of what you likely have today. Other cards may offer hard-to-redeem perks, but focuses on what’s most important to those looking for the best business credit cards. This means you can keep your campaigns running, even during your biggest days and weeks of the year.

The Bottom Line: Why has the Best Credit Card Offers for Ads is the best credit card for ads purchases because it has a high credit limit and doesn't impose limits that could disable your campaign. With a new customer offer that gives you 3% cash back and opportunities to keep earning at that rate, you're unlikely to find a better cash back offer for online advertising anywhere else.

With no annual fee, it's like getting paid back for the purchases you’re already planning to make. That's a win-win for your business. Learn more and apply for the card today.

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