The Benefits of Using Virtual Credit Cards for Facebook and Google Ad Spend

So your media buyer is happily using your American Express Platinum Card, Chase Ink Preferred Card, or other premium credit card to buy tens of thousands—or hundreds of thousands—of dollars in Facebook or Google ads.

And while you’re happily racking up points, you’re also not so happily paying annual fees for each card and needlessly taking huge security, fraud, and account ban risks.

We understand what advertisers like you are up against when it comes to using credit cards to pay for ad spend. Which is why we’ve made virtual cards a major feature in partnership with MasterCard.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Virtual Cards for Ad Spend

“Credit cards are so convenient,” you say, “I’ve got one right in my wallet. Why would I want to use a virtual card instead?”

A physical card may be helpful for buying office supplies at a brick and mortar store, but when it comes to buying ads, it’s less than ideal. Here’s why a virtual card is a better solution.

1. You avoid the hassles of getting banned or suspended.

So there you are, madly scaling up ads for a campaign that’s on fire and all of a sudden your ad buy comes to a screeching halt because of a:

  • Policy violation

  • Spending cap

  • Card limit

  • Administration issue

If your media account is banned it may be because something—caused the Facebook or Google algorithm to flag everything on your account including payment method, ads, and profile.

So if you have your media buyers using one credit card account to buy all your ads, everything shuts down immediately. Maybe for a short time. Maybe forever. It’s not good, to say the least.

That’s why we issue you an unlimited number of virtual cards (with no annual fee) that each have a unique account number, name, and address.

That way your buyers can use a different virtual card for ad spend on every channel and for every campaign, eliminating the worry of having your account blocked by using third-party cards. One virtual card account gets blocked? Move on to another.

2. You have faster transactions and major cash back.

Virtual cards make payments seamlessly in the background and allow you earn up to 3% cash back on managed digital ad spend.

Plus virtual cards reduce your operating costs. There are no annual or setup fees, no monthly fees, or cross border fees.

3. You get easier campaign organization and management.

Keeping track of credit card ad spend  and budget limits for multiple clients simultaneously running multiple campaigns can be a major headache that virtual cards can eliminate.

Simplify management by using a different card for each campaign. You can also create budgets and other controls that will let you automatically manage hundreds of campaigns across all platforms.

Plus because ad accounts are connected to specific cards, recovering an account if you need to is super easy. Additionally you can reduce risk by setting specific budget limits on each campaign making managing even the most complex spending strategy incredibly simple.

The average small business has five credit cards with a balance of about $32k that they have to keep track of. There’s no reason to rotate through dozens of low-limit credit cards to get the spending limit you need to scale your advertising when you can get it all with—the best card for Facebook ads with the high limits and more you need to grow your business.

Exclusive Cardholder Benefits with Virtual Cards

  • Highest Limit for Ad Spend—Guaranteed. Forget dinging your FICO score to get a higher limit. gives you all the ad spend funding you need to grow your business without hurting your ability to secure future funding from other sources.

  • Account Ban Protection.  Unlimited virtual charge cards for ads so you can scale to the moon without the fear of getting banned. Lets you use a card with a unique number, name, and address for each ad account, business manager, campaign, and network. Also eliminates the expense of cumbersome employee cards.

  • 3% Cashback Available. gives you up to 30 days of 7.5% back on your Facebook ad spend when you refer a friend each month.

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