Best Credit Card for Facebook Ads

If you spend heavily on Facebook advertising, you may be looking for the best credit card for Facebook ads. When looking for the best credit card for Facebook ads, it’s important to consider criteria like cash back rewards, annual fees, and your credit card’s spending limits.

The best Facebook advertising credit card helps you minimize costs, maximize revenue, and never gets in the way of your Facebook ad campaigns. Here’s a look at the card and why it’s the best credit card for Facebook ads.

The Credit Card for Facebook Ads

Unlike other credit cards, the card is designed exclusively for online advertising. Whether you run ads for your own business or buy Facebook ads for clients, having the right credit card can revolutionize how you pay for online advertising.

With, you get the following significant benefits:

  • Up to 3% cash back: All new users start with 3% cash back on all digital ad spend for the first two months. You may continue to qualify for the 3% indefinitely by meeting certain account requirements. There’s no limit to how much cash back you can earn at the 3% rate.

  • High daily spend limits: Some agencies spend enough on their card to reach their entire monthly credit card limit in a single day. Rather than enforce traditionally low limits, customers get a limit that’s 10x to 20x the spending power you get from a typical credit card company. And if you run into your limits, you can request an increase that’s generally approved in minutes.

  • Unlimited virtual cards: Rather than worrying about the risks of employee cards, gives you access to unlimited virtual cards. You can create a card number for every client, campaign, advertiser, employee, or any other way you want to track and control your ad spend. You can generate a new virtual card with a unique name, address, and zip code in just a few clicks. 

  • No annual fee: Some rewards cards charge around $700 per year but only give you 1% or 1x rewards on most purchases. The card requires no annual fee. When you use the card as intended, it pays you, not the other way around.

This card is optimized for any digital advertising purchases. That includes Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other top consumer and professional platforms.

How to Earn Cash Back on Facebook Ads Purchases

Most business owners are too busy to worry about rotating categories, activating rewards, and picking and choosing which card to use where. When you pull out your card (or a virtual card number), you don’t have to worry about getting the best rate.

Most cards give you 1% back on advertising spend, as they’re not included in a bonus rewards category. Some others offer you a bonus on top purchase categories or specifically include Facebook ads or digital ads. Still, those come with a relatively low limit before you’re subjugated back to the lowest rate.

To earn your best cash back with, all you have to do is remember to use the right card. Your rewards are calculated, accrued, and paid out automatically. For every $100 you spend, it’s like getting $3 in revenue back to your business.

Keep Facebook Ads Running with Customized Automatic Payments

When working with agencies, large enterprises, and even many small businesses, the team often hears about ad campaigns getting shut down early in the day, costing valuable sales every minute your campaign is offline. The stresses of getting your card paid daily, begging for a higher limit, and switching payment methods last minute are easily eliminated when you use the best credit card for Facebook ads.

In addition to unlimited virtual cards, account managers have intricate control over card payments. You can create customized automatic payment rules that keep your account in good standing without disrupting your company’s cash flow.

Some businesses choose to add a cash account, which gives them faster access to payouts from popular online payment vendors and easier access to higher daily spend limits.

High Credit Limit to Scale Facebook Ad Spend

When testing Facebook ads early on, you’re unlikely to hit any credit card limits. But when you get the right ad figured out that converts at a high rate, you’re going to want to scale up quickly to capture as many sales as possible.

Facebook makes it very easy to control your daily spending limits, monthly spending limits, and campaign spending limits. However, not all cards can keep up. If you need to spend tens of thousands or more per day, you could reach your account’s limit within days or hours of ramping up your campaign.

That leads some companies to pay off their credit card balance multiple times per week or even every day. That’s unacceptable for busy agencies and marketing teams, which is why offers daily spend limits that are typically 10x to 20x what you get from the average business credit card.

The Bottom Line: Why is the Best Credit Card for Facebook Ads

Unlike some banks and card issuers looking to squeeze every dollar out of their customers, built the online advertising credit card they wished they could have used themselves when promoting past businesses and client projects. With no annual fee and up to 3% back on every dollar spent on Facebook ads, is clearly the best credit card for Facebook Ads.

Click here to learn more and get started with today.

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