Divvy Business Credit Card Limit

The Divvy Business Credit Card is a Visa Business card from Bill.com. The Divvy Business card and dash.fi card have a common feature that allows businesses to access larger credit lines as the business grows. High credit limits may be critical for many businesses, such as online sellers looking to tap into the power of digital advertising.

Here’s a closer look at the Divvy Business Credit Card limit and how it compares to the dash.fi credit limit, and other key details you need to know when picking the best corporate card for your unique spending needs.

Divvy Business Credit Card Limit Overview

According to Divvy, the company offers credit limits of up to $15 million to qualifying customers. Like at dash.fi, users can apply for a larger credit line at any time. That can be useful during a period where you need to stock up on materials or other inventory or during periods of busy online advertising.

Online advertisers may need a completely different type of credit account than traditional credit card companies offer. For example, if you set a $40,000 budget for Facebook ads during a peak season and have a $40,000 limit, you have to pay the card off daily to keep it active. If you have a $20,000 limit and set a higher budget, you risk having your account shut down and losing critical sales.

During the holiday season, many advertisers compete for eyeballs, often spending heavily to get the biggest possible slice of the holiday pie. According to data from Statista, businesses spend $45.6 billion on digital ads alone during the holidays. That’s for a good reason, as consumers recently spent $777 billion between Halloween and New Years.

How to Get a Higher Divvy Business Credit Card Limit

If you already have a Divvy card and want a higher credit limit, these are the steps you would follow:

  1. Login to the Divvy credit card dashboard

  2. Open the credit info menu and click on the Request Credit Increase button

  3. Enter the desired credit limit and click the Submit Request button

When entering your desired credit limit, Divvy also asks for a reason why you need a higher limit. Divvy allows credit increase requests at most once every 90 days. You can only submit a request with a reason included. You can’t ask for a higher limit without explanation.

While dash.fi doesn’t require a founder’s guarantee, Divvy takes a close look at the owner’s personal credit history and the business’s credit history when approving a new account. Both credit scores must be in the “good to very good” range for approval.

Divvy Business Credit Card Limit on Rewards

Divvy enables users to pay their cards weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. Depending on your payment schedule, your rewards vary. When you follow a traditional monthly payment schedule, the starting level for rewards is 2x for restaurants and hotels, 1.5x on recurring software subscriptions, and 1x on everything else.

Bonus rewards for restaurants, hotels, and software subscriptions increase if you pay more frequently. With weekly payments, your “everything else” rewards would also go up.

Rewards are redeemable for gift cards, cash back, statement credits, or travel through the Divvy travel portal. You get about 2x the value when redeeming for travel compared to other rewards methods, which can restrict the value of points and redemptions for some businesses.

Similar to dash.fi, there’s no limit or cap to the rewards you earn.

Pros and Cons of the Divvy Business Credit Card Limit


  • No annual fee: The Divvy Visa card doesn’t charge an annual fee, similar to dash.fi.

  • As many virtual cards as you need: Also like dash.fi, Divvy allows you to create unlimited virtual cards with just a few clicks.

  • Budget management tools: Divvy integrates with its own expense management software and enforces optional spending budgets.


  • Traditional credit card spending limits: Depending on your credit history, including your personal credit score and report, you may be approved for a very low spending limit.

  • No bonus rewards on digital advertising: While it comes with some lucrative bonus categories, there’s no bonus for digital advertising with Facebook, Google, and other online advertising juggernauts.

  • Personal credit check: When applying, Divvy looks at the business and the owner’s personal credit. If you have made personal credit mistakes in the past, that could lead to a lower limit or not getting approved.

Alternatives to the Divvy Business Rewards Card

  • dash.fi: Yes, we may be biased, but we think the dash.fi card is the best business card available for small to midsized businesses. With high daily spend limits, big bonuses for online advertising, and discounts on buying ads through our agency partners, you’ll likely come out far ahead financially when you choose the dash.fi rewards card for small businesses. You can earn up to 3% back with no limits and flexible redemption options.

  • American Express Business Gold: The Amex Business Gold card also offers some of the best rewards when redeeming for travel. However, the card also requires a $295 annual fee, comes with traditional credit card limits, and caps bonus rewards.

  • Chase Ink Business Preferred: The Ink Business Preferred Card from Chase requires a $95 annual fee. The card also comes with a lucrative, travel-focused rewards program. However, bonus category purchases are limited.

How to Pick the Best High Limit Card for Your Business

There is no perfect credit card for every business, but there is a best choice for your business spending needs. If you’re considering the Divvy Visa card, also be sure to include dash.fi on your comparison list. With highly daily spending limits and same-day increases, most businesses will never be constrained by limits with the dash.fi card. And thanks to unlimited rewards worth up to 3% of your total purchasing, dash.fi might turn your ad purchasing into a new cash flow source. That’s a big win-win for your business.

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