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Yahoo Ads Manager: How to Create & Run Yahoo Ads

Yahoo is a well-known online search provider and publisher. The company also offers advertising services that focus on native ads. These ads integrate with website content, appearing more like the content than an average advertisement. Because of this seamless integration, native advertising is often more impactful than traditional ads in bringing potential customers to your landing page.

With Yahoo Ads Manager, advertisers can oversee their campaigns from a single dashboard, making it a breeze to keep track of their campaigns.

What is Yahoo's Ads Manager?

Yahoo Ad Manager is a simplified ad platform that digital marketers can use to manage their native advertising products from Yahoo. For example, you can use the tool to manage streaming ads, image ads, sponsored searches, and sponsored Tumblr ads.

These ads can be optimized for desktop and mobile viewing, making it easy to put content in front of Yahoo’s hundreds of millions of users. 

Features of Yahoo Ads Manager

Yahoo Ads Manager has many features that make it appealing to its customers.

Native advertisements

Yahoo focuses on native advertising, a type of advertising that seamlessly integrates advertisements with the content of websites. Unlike banner ads or popups, these ads look like standard parts of the website.

That integration helps users trust the advertisements more than traditional ads, improving their effectiveness. According to a study by Yahoo, 46% of web users prefer native ads to other ad types, and native video ads produce six times the revenue increase of standard pre-roll advertisements.

Yahoo Native

Yahoo Ad Manager offers a service called Native that makes it easy to automate many aspects of the advertising process. With Native, you can feed Yahoo all of the assets it needs to create multiple ad formats, including:

  • Image

  • Video

  • App install

  • Carousel

  • Yahoo Mail

  • Moments

You can also set a budget and choose a bidding strategy. Yahoo Native will automatically bid to place ads for you, trying to optimize your spending to get the best return on investment.

Targeting options

With Yahoo Ads Manager and Native, you can precisely target your advertisements based on demographics, age, geographic location, and more. 

Yahoo offers a tool called Omniscope that you can use to enhance your ad targeting. Omniscope provides reports before and during your campaign to help provide actionable insights you can use to find the top-performing audiences, identify the best ad channels, estimate cost per thousand (CPM), and more.

If you want to run a campaign to alert a precise demographic about a specific product or service that appeals to them, Yahoo Ad Manager is one way to do it.

Benefits of Yahoo Ads

Yahoo ads have many benefits that make them appealing to advertisers.

Show ads in search results

Yahoo’s search engine might not have the reach of Google, but it still helps millions of people scan the web every single day.

With Yahoo ads, you can place your company right in the search results people receive when they enter relevant keywords. Yahoo helps ensure you show up near the top of the list, which can draw more people to your site.

Native ads are more impactful

People are naturally distrustful of advertisements, especially annoying popups and autoplay videos. Native ads get around this problem by blending in with the usual content on whichever site they appear. This advertising strategy can drive greater engagement and response from customers. 

Easy to use

Yahoo Ads Manager and Yahoo Native are relatively easy to use. The tools walk you through the entire process of building and launching an ad campaign. Native even offers automation that you can use to improve your campaign's ROI.

Reporting tools

Making and launching a campaign is only the first part of the advertising process. You also have to track your campaign’s performance and make adjustments to ensure it’s working well and bringing in the right types of customers.

Yahoo Ads Manager has a powerful reporting dashboard that you can use to track your campaign’s performance and provides valuable information to optimize your campaign.

Creative tools

Yahoo’s demand-side platform (DSP) gives you self-service tools or lets you work directly with Yahoo’s in-house team to create more impactful, interactive advertisements. 

You can use it to generate dynamic, personalized content, creative interactive scrolling, or QR code advertisements.

Creative ads can help boost your return on investment—75% of consumers think story-telling brands that utilize new technology are more innovative.

How to Create and Run Yahoo Ads

Making Yahoo ads is straightforward—you just need to follow a few steps. Check out our Yahoo Ads article for a more detailed look at how to use Yahoo’s advertising platform. 

  1. Choose a campaign objective.

Yahoo ads work best when you have a measurable campaign objective to work toward. Choose a goal such as:

  • Boost brand awareness

  • Drive app installs

  • Get customers to visit your website

  • Get customers to re-engage with your app

  1. Choose a campaign type.

Next, name your campaign and choose the ad types you want to run. 

  1. Set your audience.

Yahoo Ads Manager lets you target your ads based on a considerable number of factors, including:

  • Geographic location

  • Language

  • Type of device used

  • Time of day

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Interests

  1. Choose a budget.

Advertising comes at a cost. You’ll need to set a budget that you can use for the advertising campaign. Yahoo ads let you set your budget on a daily or overall basis. 

  1. Build your ads.

You’re ready to start creating your advertisements. The first step is to create an ad group to hold your ads. You’ll choose the start and end dates and bidding strategies at the ad group level.

  1. Track your ads and refine them.

Once you launch your campaign, you can use Yahoo Ads Manager’s dashboard to track their performance. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your campaign and refine it over time.

The Final Word

Yahoo Ads are a powerful way to reach potential customers, and Yahoo Ads Manager and Yahoo Native make it easy to build ads for the platform. Remember to keep a close eye on your campaigns and refine them over time to get the most return on your advertising dollars.

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