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GuruMedia Affiliate Network Review

Founded in 2010 GuruMedia has established a solid affiliate network and advertising agency. While the company is not as big as some of the other affiliate networks, it has qualities that can make it a good fit for both advertisers and affiliates.  

Here’s how to understand if it’s a good fit for your digital marketing efforts. 

What Is GuruMedia?

Combining both an advertising agency and an affiliate networking service, GuruMedia provides a wide range of services to business owners. To set themselves apart, the company has invested in a range of measures to attract both publishers and advertisers and to help ensure a high quality experience without fraud. 

For brands looking to find publishers and affiliate marketers to promote their products, it has robust traffic vetting measures and a convenient dashboard in place to help ensure affiliate links are placed on reliable websites and that advertisers can track their progress. 

Publishers (affiliates) have access to an user friendly platform, a range of affiliate programs, regular payments, and much more. 

How Does GuruMedia Work?

Overall the process works like this:

1. Affiliate marketers register on the network to create offers and campaigns to entice publishers and affiliate marketers to promote their products to their audience and earn a commission. 

2. Publishers/affiliates join the network and search for campaigns that are relevant to their audience and marketing efforts. 

3. The network tracks conversions and provides detailed insights into the performance of campaigns.

4. As a CPA network (cost per acquisition), publishers get paid for successful conversions. 

Here are more details about how it works for each of GuruMedia’s two target audiences. 


If you are a digital marketer who wants to make money by promoting offers to your audience, you’ll sign up as a publisher/affiliate. 

Signing up. Signing up for the platform is straightforward, but can take a bit of time to get through the verification process. When it comes to the signup form, you must provide information about the top 3 GEOs you get traffic from, the offers you run, average payout from all your sources, your businesses’ type of legal entity, and other details.

Because the company is focused on being “fraud free,” sign up is not automatic. Once your application is submitted the company works to verify your identity, company background, collect references, and vet your application. 

Using the Platform: Once your application has been approved, you will have access to the platform and be able to generate affiliate links. You can then integrate these affiliate links into your website and digital marketing efforts. There are a wide range of potential affiliate programs, but most are nutrition (nutra) and wellness related. 

Commissions and Payments: The company has a CPA affiliate model. CPA stands for “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition” which means you get paid for those customers to complete a specific action using your affiliate link. 

Payment methods include PayPal, wire transfer, or Skrill. You can get weekly payments with no minimum unless you want to get paid by wire transfer.

Support and Benefits: You have access to the company’s VIP treatment and personal support which includes access to the management team and a dedicated support chat room.


If you have an ecommerce business with products you want publishers and affiliate marketers to help sell for you, you’ll sign up as an advertiser/network.

Signing Up: You will need to provide all of the same information you would need to supply as an affiliate. Your business will need to be verified and, if approved, set up its affiliate program. 

Using the Platform: Once your account is set up you begin adding affiliates to your team and get your products out there. The dashboard allows you to measure and keep track of key metrics.

Support and Benefits: Advertisers get vetted partners, expert partners, support, and much more. GuruMedia will help analyze your marketing funnels to suggest improvements. It partners with Everflow for advanced performance tracking, and with Anura to help filter out fraud. 

Is Guru Media Legit?

Yes, Gurumedia.com appears to be a legitimate affiliate marketing platform. The domain name was registered on December 12, 2012, and the website features a number of user reviews. It is based in Jerusalem, Israel. 

The company's LinkedIn profile appears well developed, an invitation to meet with them at Affiliate Summit 2023 and other affiliate marketing events. Multiple sites have written reviews and linked to GuruMedia. 

Offer and Commission Types From GuruMedia

GuruMedia promises better payouts, though commissions will vary by product and performance. Payment frequency is a plus, since you can get paid as often as weekly. 

If you visit the GuruMedia website, you’ll see a carousel of some of the top offers available. These include weight loss products (such as BHB/keto supplements), anti-aging creams and skincare solutions, and health supplements. (Together, these are often referred to as “nutra” products). There are other verticals available but these are featured as the most popular. 

Whether this is the best affiliate network for your business depends on what types of products you want to promote, and your experience with affiliate marketing. It may not be a fit for brand-new affiliate marketers without a track record to pass the vetting process. 

Whether it’s a fit now or later, you can always consider GuruMedia for your affiliate marketing efforts. As a publisher you aren’t limited to a single platform, and you can experiment with different affiliate marketing platforms to find what’s best for your business and your audience. 

Other strong affiliate networks in the nutra space include SellHealth and TerraLeads.

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