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Alfaleads Affiliate Program Review

Publishers and affiliate marketers with an international audience looking for offers in dating, gaming, sweepstakes and similar verticals may want to take a look at Alfaleads.com to help monetize their content. 

What is Alfaleads?

Alfaleads is an international advertising network, working with the CPA model. (CPA stands for cost per action.) Companies with products to sell use it to connect with publishers– including webmasters and bloggers– who want to make money by promoting those offers. Marketers get paid based on the actions their audiences take. 

According to its website, it has 2000 active offers, and more than 100,000 partners around the world. It is officially based in Tallinn, Estonia, though according to its LinkedIn page, the majority of the Alfaleads team are in Russia, with employees based in Serbia and Estonia. The domain name alfaleads.net was registered on March 19, 2012. 

It participates in popular affiliate marketing conferences like Affiliate Summit and maintains an active presence on its LinkedIn page.

How Does Alfaleads Work?

As an international performance marketing agency, Alfaleads is the middleman between advertisers and digital marketers. Advertisers use the platform as part of their marketing strategy to connect with publishers and digital marketers who sign up as affiliates. Those affiliates then create unique referral links and get paid for certain actions, as listed below. 

How is Alfaleads Different From Other Affiliate Networks?

Alfaleads is not significantly different from other affiliate networks. However it is an international network (which can be beneficial for those outside the US or with international audiences) and its selling points include strong tech support, bonuses for high performers, and a wide variety of payment methods. 

Like many CPA networks, it promises high payouts, exclusive offers and robust tracking. It offers a personal affiliate manager and promotional materials to help with your advertising campaigns. One point that is unique: it says it offers legal support. That’s a selling point not common on other affiliate network platforms. 

However, there are some concerns. At the time this story was written the FAQs page did not have any information available, and the FAQ search function did not work. It is unclear if this is a temporary problem. 

What are the Sign Up Requirements for Alfaleads?

Alfaleads does not publish sign up requirements up front. When you sign up you must provide a screenshot of your experience with other affiliate networks. It is unclear if someone new to affiliate marketing will be accepted. 

What Affiliate Programs are Available with Alfaleads?

Alfaleads works within the following verticals: iGaming, sports, dating, sweepstakes, finance, games, esports, and other verticals.  

Depending on the terms of the offer, you can get paid for registration, confirmed registration, a purchase, approved credit card or credit card issued, debit card issued, loan approved, in-game purchase, mobile app installation, recruiting an active user, opening of an account, video viewing, or in-game purchase, among others. 

What are Alfaleads' Payment Methods?

Alfaleads website claims it offers “pay-outs using any payment methods” and “no payment holds for high volume affiliates.” Presumably that includes popular methods like PayPal, direct deposit and Payoneer, however, more specific information is not available without signing up.

How Do I Sign Up for Alfaleads?

Both advertisers and affiliates can sign up for Alfaleads on their website at Alfaleads.net. 

What are Alternatives to Alfaleads?

With affiliate marketing you don’t have to be exclusive to one network. That means you can try Alfaleads to see if it’s a fit, but you can also consider other networks. For example:

Algo Affiliates is also an international performance marketing network. It has 1500+ multilingual offers in fourteen languages. 

Amitad Affiliates, based in Germany, offers numerous monetization options for content creators. 

GuruMedia has a variety of offers, but many are in the diet, weight loss and health space. 

Mobipium is focused on the mobile audience. If that’s where your audience is, you may find programs that are a fit. 

And, of course, there is always Amazon. The Amazon Affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs, and it’s easy to join. It offers so many products that most marketers can find something to sell through Amazon. However, payouts are generally small and it has a short cookie. 

Learn about the best affiliate marketing programs here. 

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